After 2 Years Obama’s Approval Rating Is Higher than Clinton and Reagan

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The latest Gallup poll on President Obama's job approval rating contained an interesting nugget of information. After two years on the job, Barack Obama's approval rating is higher than that of two recent presidents who had big reelection victories, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. One term Presidents George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter, and post-9/11 president George W. Bush had higher ratings than Obama at the halfway mark.

In the name of Reagan: The Conservative War On The Working Class


Republicans lionize Ronald Reagan, and in the older, white population, the dead president is a god who deserves to have his head on Mt. Rushmore. Sarah Palin channels Reagan and her supporters speak of her as being the new Ronald Reagan. It is typical of conservatives to worship a president who hurt the economy, set labor relations and unions back 40 years, and caused untold damage to the environment by destroying regulations. Republicans still think of Reagan as the gun slinging cowboy who rode in and cleaned up the frontier, or the war hero who single handedly stormed up a hill and took out a battalion of Nazis. Regardless the image old white people have of Reagan; he was just an actor, and a bad president whose policies were controlled by banks and corporations

Stuck in the 80s GOP Compares Obama to Clark Griswold

Well, let me fill you in, lest you be caught unawares at the water cooler by a colleague who begins to spew Fox Talking Points. The RNC had a blog post about President Obama taking “another” vacation. Another brilliantly relevant and accurate political criticism of the President naturally ensued. Glaring as it was in hypocrisy, Republicans took a shine to it. They figure between the racial division they’re drumming up on one hand, this little nod to the lazy Black man on the other will really finish Obama off and get them the House back this fall!

Reaganites: Reagan Would Never Support Extending the Bush Tax Cuts

Republicans Betray Theories of Regananomics

Earth to the Republican Party: David Stockman, the architect of Reaganomics, declared on NPR that “Reagan would never support extending the Bush tax cuts.” Stockman took this assertion a step further in calling out the Republican leadership for perverting the notions of fiscal conservatism and betraying what the Party used to stand for. He laid his harshest blame on the Bush administration.

Analysis: Obama Remains More Popular than Reagan

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One of the dirty little secrets about presidents and approval ratings is that more often than not the numbers are governed by pocketbook politics. Both Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan inherited recessions early in their terms, and interestingly, Obama is has a higher approval rating that Reagan at the same point during their first terms. Obama is actually stronger than Reagan was right now.

79% of Americans Don’t Want Ronald Reagan on Their Money

Republicans have continued their push to pass a bill that would replace President Ulysses S. Grant on fifty dollar bill with Ronald Reagan, but a new Marist poll found that people not only dislike the idea, but reject it soundly. 79% of those surveyed replied that they do not want Ronald Reagan's smiling mug on their money. Most surprisingly, 71% of Republicans did not like the idea either.

5 Reasons Why Ronald Reagan Should Never Be on the $50 Bill

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For years Republicans have been trying to get former president Ronald Reagan's face on United States currency. The latest effort is being spearheaded by Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), who has proposed legislation that would replace Grant with Reagan on the $50 bill, but here are five reasons why Ronald Reagan should never be on the fifty or any other United States currency.