Al Roker Takes Another Shot At Rush Limbaugh Over Hurricane Irma: ‘We’re Not Hyping This’

Al Roker-Rush

"We're not trying to scare people, we're not trying to hype this. We want people to be prepared."

Rush Limbaugh Runs For His Life When Faced With The Fury Of “Liberal Hoax” Hurricane Irma

Rush Limbaugh turned tail and ran away as fast as he could when he found out that "liberal hoax" Hurricane Irma was heading his way.

Republicans Dig Up Rush Limbaugh To Insanely Blame Obama For Trump’s Failures

Instead, of facing the reality of Trump's failures, Republicans are turning to their resident crazy uncle, Rush Limbaugh, to blame everything that has gone wrong on an Obama conspiracy.

Vile Conservatives Make Hurricane Death and Destruction Into an Obama Conspiracy

Drudge said he and Trump’s supporters “wondered if the government was lying about the intensity of the hurricane” and legitimacy of National Hurricane Center data.

Conservatives Freaked Out By Lesbian Farmers

Rush Limbaugh insists that Democrats "are trying to bust up one of the last geographic conservative regions in the country."

Limbaugh Claims President Obama is “Lighting a Match” When He Talks About Racism

Limbaugh claimed when Obama says the "criminal justice system is racist...he's lighting a match...he's encouraging the actions that follow."

Oops: Rush Limbaugh Admits Through Evasive Answer That The Boycotters Won

One fumbling and evasive non-answer to a caller was as good as an admission that the advertiser boycotters have defeated Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh’s Hate Radio Network Home Facing $20 Billion Bankruptcy

Between the StopRush movement's pressure and Willard Romney's bankruptcy gang, iHeart radio is badly in debt.

The Rats Are Fleeing The Sinking Ship As Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama For Trump

As the Republican Party appears poised to nominate Trump and get thumped in November, Rush Limbaugh is already making excuses and blaming President Obama for the hatred and bigotry that is allowing Trump to flourish in the Republican primary.

Limbaugh, Republican Claim Obama Supports ISIS and Hates Freedom Because Refugees

They claim Obama is a collaborator because he adheres to America's long-standing exceptionalism of giving war-weary refugees a safe haven

Republican Media Incensed That African Americans Protest Against Institutionalized Racism

According to Breitbart's Ben Shapiro, "the left just declared at University of Missouri that white people must be fired for being white."

Rush Limbaugh’s Carefully Constructed World of Lies Comes Crashing Down

When you start with a false premise, and add more false premises to the first, well...Limbaugh thinks Republicans have turned into Democrats

Rush Limbaugh’s Death Spiral Continues As He Gets Demoted To Low Rated Boston Station

The end is coming for both Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio as Limbaugh has seen his show demoted and shipped off to another low rated small station. Boston has become the latest city to send Limbaugh into a dark corner of the radio dial.

Limbaugh is Wrong: Gay Activists Didn’t Kill Christianity – Christianity Did

Rush Limbaugh blames gay activists for Christianity's demise even while he is one of the people driving Americans away from organized religion

Religious Right Leader Rick Wiles is Fascinated by Obama’s Privates

Obama 5 best jokes White House Correspondents' Dinner

You know the Religious Right, and maybe some of its male leaders, have got nothing when they start worrying about Obama's presidential package

Right-Wing Media Busted For Spreading False Story About Harry Reid’s Accident

Harry Reid announces he won't run in 2016

A Las Vegas man who concocted the story about Harry Reid getting injured in a fight with his brother confessed that he made the story up.

Hillary Announcement: A Sour Sunday For The Right

The surfeit of Republican hand-wringing has begun. Hillary is officially running for president with her online announcement. Yes, THAT Hillary. You know, the Hillary Clinton who has more qualifications for the office than just about all of the modestly accomplished opposition candidates put together.

Using a Convention of States to Destroy the Federal Government for the Kochs

Republicans are supporting using Article V of the Constitution not to propose amendments to the Constitution, but to destroy the government

Jon Stewart Goes To Town On Fox News For Being “Chronically Angry” About Liberalism

During Wednesday night's broadcast of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart lit into longtime nemesis Fox News for waging a "chronically angry war for ideological purity."

Why We Can’t Let Jeb Bush Pretend His Brother’s Wars Never Happened

Jeb doesn't realize how critical it is he convince us he is not his brother, because the more you listen to him, the more alike they sound