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Rush Limbaugh Has Died Of Lung Cancer

Conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh, whose brand of talk radio galvanized much of the current political moment by pushing conspiracy theories and demonizing members of the Democratic Party, has died of lung cancer. Limbaugh was the host of his radio show The Rush Limbaugh Show, which has been in national syndication on AM and FM radio stations….


After Referring To Biden As Election Winner, Rush Limbaugh Walks It Back

Conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh has walked back remarks he made earlier today declaring Joe Biden the winner of the presidential race. “The guy that won did not have any kind of massive, pro support. He was just the vessel, he was just the recipient of whatever anti-Trump sentiment there was,” Limbaugh said in response to…

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Rush Limbaugh Says Conventional Wisdom is “Always Wrong,” That Early Voting Will Favor Trump

Conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh appeared on “Fox and Friends” this morning and claimed that early voting will likely favor President Donald Trump because there are Trump supporters out there “who are fed up with the way their man’s been treated.” “I look at the conventional wisdom and I make it a point never to follow…


Rush Limbaugh Calls Ocasio-Cortez a ‘Young Uppity’

Rush Limbaugh seems to be slightly afraid of new congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. The conservative radio host added to the increasing right-wing meltdown over the young but outspoken Democrat by complaining that the she is “uppity.” Rush Limbaugh complains Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is too "uppity" https://t.co/ehUGrvihNt — Jeffrey Levin 🇺🇦 (@jilevin) January 8,…

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