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Putin Critic Says Trump Damaged America’s Reputation Among Ordinary Russians

Speaking to NBC News in an exclusive interview, former oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky said former President Donald Trump’s tenure damaged the United States’ reputation among ordinary Russians. Trump was caught in the crosshairs of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 general election for much of his presidency. He also faced…


Biden Says U.S. “Will Never Recognize Russia’s Purported Annexation” of Crimea

On the seventh anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, a move that Ukraine and the global community largely consider a violation of international law, President Joe Biden condemned Russian aggression, saying the United States does not consider Russia’s intervention legitimate. “The United States does not and will never recognize Russia’s purported annexation of the peninsula,…

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Senator Ron Johnson Says Democrats “Ignore Reality” When They Focus on Russia’s Election Interference

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), in an op-ed for Fox News, claimed Democrats “ignore reality” when they focus on Russian interference in American elections. “Ever since the Democratic National Committee server was hacked during the 2016 election campaign, ‘Russian disinformation and interference’ has been the shiny object that Democrats and the mainstream media have used to bamboozle the…

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