Trump Rockets to Record-High Disapproval in New Poll

Donald Trump may think he is winning his shutdown battle but a new poll from POLITICO shows that with each passing day his disapproval ratings are skyrocketing to new heights.

People who participated in the poll say that Trump’s record-long government shutdown is bad for the country, and they are also increasingly concerned about Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. read more

Increasingly Hysterical Trump Claims Intel Agencies Are Taking ‘One last shot at me’

In a frenzy of denials, Trump cried 'fake news,' accused intel agencies of taking a shot at him, and lied about his business ties to Russia

Witch-Hunter-in-Chief Trump Now Claims Russia Rumors Are a ‘Witch Hunt’ and ‘Unfair!’

The man who orchestrated witch-hunts against President Obama and Hillary Clinton now cries, 'FAKE NEWS - A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!'

Bombshell Report Claims Russia Has Damaging Personal And Financial Information On Trump

CNN is reporting that the intelligence community is investigating claims that Russia has compromised Trump and has damaging personal and financial information on the president-elect.