Florida Asks Senate For Information About Bill Nelson’s Russian Hacking Claims

Florida officials want more information from the U.S. Senate supporting claims made by Senator Bill Nelson that Russian operatives have penetrated some of his state’s election systems.

“Florida officials want more information from US Senate about election hacking claims by Sen. Bill Nelson” read more

‘I will not be intimidated’: McCaskill Responds to Russian Hacking Report

Yesterday we reported that the 2018 reelection campaign of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) had been hacked by Russians.

Initially when she was asked about this report, McCaskill said she wasn’t ready to respond because she didn’t have enough information yet. read more

Democrats Irate as Republicans Refuse to Fund Election Security

Republicans in the House of Representatives have put forward a spending bill that excludes new money for election security grants to states, causing an outcry from furious Democrats.

Amid a firestorm of controversy about President Trump’s denial of Russian election interference there was an expectation that the House would fund a bipartisan approach that would help states protect themselves from cyber attacks and other threats to election security. read more

DHS Says Says Russia Isn’t Targeting 2018 Midterms Like 2016

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirtsjen Nielsen has been in the hot seat for several months as she has been caught in the middle of Donald Trump’s immigration battles.

In May we reported that Nielsen considered resigning after her boss severely admonished her in front of his entire cabinet for failing to stop illegal border crossings. read more

Trump’s First Response on Indictments Is To Blame Obama

Barack Obama

While Democrats demanded that President Donald Trump take action against Russia and cancel Monday’s summit with Vladimir Putin, Trump’s response was to attack President Barack Obama instead.

In his first public comment about the indictments of 12 Russian military intelligence officers Trump tweeted from Scotland: read more

Senate Report Explains How Russia May Have Rigged Votes For Trump

Somehow lost in all the other news headlines over the past two days is a report from the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that confirms Russian attacks on the U.S. elections systems during the 2016 election cycle. And in confirming what happened, the Committee also explained how the Russian cyber-attacks compromised the systems in 18 states in such a way that vote totals were manipulated in favor of Donald Trump. read more

Ex-Intel Director Destroys Bogus Trump Claim: ‘No Evidence’ Russia Wasn’t Behind Election Hack

James Clapper

James Clapper said the Russians will continue to collect intelligence and interfere in U.S. elections so long as the United States, led by Trump, refuses to "push back."

As Russia Hearings Begin, An Increasingly Desperate Donald Trump Tweets His Innocence

"James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!"

Opinion: Election Nullification Petition Is Distributed To SCOTUS Justices

Supreme Court

Petitioners say: "As the leaders of the free world, we cannot allow an adversary to invade our territory and subvert our republican form of government."

Trump Calls On Congress to Investigate NBC for Reporting Russian Attack

Of all issues implicated by Russian spy measures, Trump's top priority for intel committees is a congressional investigation into NBC.

President Obama Set A Trap For Trump With Russian Sanctions

Trump has only two equally detrimental choices in dealing with the effects of President Obama’s sanctions against Russia. and they're both damning.

GOP Senators Ignore Trump And Vow To Move Forward On Russian Hacking Investigation

Trump muslims

If the proposed bill passes, it "would mandate a new select Senate committee on cybersecurity" which would investigate the election-season cyber attack.

President Obama’s White House Shreds Trump For Supporting Russian Hacking

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest bluntly told the world that the president-elect is making excuses for Russia because Trump directly benefited from Putin's interference in the US presidential election.

Lindsey Graham Warns Russia is ‘Trying to Undermine Democracies All Over the World’

"Russia is trying to break the backs of democracies – and democratic movements – all over the world."

Sen. Harry Reid Says FBI Director James Comey Should be Investigated

"I think [Comey] should be investigated by the Senate, he should be investigated by other agencies of the government, including the security agencies."

Adam Schiff Calls for ‘Thorough Investigation’ of Russian Hacking by House and Senate

"There's overwhelming evidence of Russian hacking of our elections. By denying it Trump has essentially become a propaganda piece for Kremlin"

Do-Nothing GOP Congress Won’t Investigate Russia Hacking Our Elections

"GOP Congress spends a year and a half investigating Clinton emails, but refuses to investigate whether Russia is hacking our election? WTF?"