Judge Decimates the GOP’s Religious Freedom Concept – Strikes Down Mississippi Law

Judge Reeves noted that “the title, history and text of the law showed it to be the State’s attempt to put LGBT citizens in their place."

Republican Fail: Evangelical Bigots Did Not Counter President Obama’s SOTU

It is an abomination that an avowed religious bigot like Kim Davis was invited as a protest and counterweight to President Obama's message

Alabama Chief Justice Reinstates Same-Sex Marriage Ban – Says SCOTUS Is Confused

Notorious Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice, Roy Moore, has unilaterally issued a judicial order overturning a six-month old United States Supreme Court ruling.

Evangelical Martyr Kim Davis Secretly Met The Pope – Now Send Her Back To Jail

Apparently, 5 days in jail did little more than embolden the newly crowned martyr to thumb her nose at Judge Bunning's condition of release

Republicans In Congress Push A Federal Evangelical License To Discriminate Law

So what evangelical Republicans in Congress came up with this week is a "novel" piece of federal legislation that mirrors the rash of religious Republican state schemes to legalize discrimination against the LGBT community.

New Report Reveals GOP-Aligned Extremists Are The Greatest Threat To Americans

There is hardly a bigger motivator than fear, and it is a fact not lost on Republicans who prey on Americans’ fear of all things not conservative, but especially those foreign “extremists.” Of course, some Americans are acutely aware that the biggest threat to their safety, and the nation, is from American extremists in the white supremacist, anti-government, and fanatical Christian movements. Whether it was the white supremacist who massacred nine African Americans in church, several predominately Black churches set on fire across the South, or armed militias seeking to start a war against the United States government, most people comprehend that homegrown extremists pose the greatest threat to America. read more

Texas A.G. Ken Paxton Orders State Officials to Violate Texas’ Religious Freedom Law

It is prescient that the top law enforcement officer in Texas, Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, is either completely ignorant of the provisions ensconced in the Texas RFRA, or he is aware of the law's protection of Texans' civil rights and still says they do not apply to the LGBT community because...bible, god, religious freedom, judicial tyranny, and opposition to the U.S. Constitution.

Republican Opposition To SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling Is Opposition To The Constitution

Conservative opponents of the Constitution see no contradiction in attacking the Marriage Equality ruling as a violation of the Constitution

Supreme Court Legalizes Same Sex Marriage As Roof Completely Falls In On Republicans

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that state laws banning same-sex marriage are unconstitutional.

Vatican Says Irish Marriage Equality Vote Was The Defeat Of Humanity

Although a weapon like same-sex marriage able to jeopardize the existence of the world's largest religion sounds terrifying, the Vatican went a step farther and claimed the recent democratic vote in Ireland legalizing same-sex marriage is not only a clear and present danger to Christianity, it was a "defeat for humanity."

Matt Barber Uses Subterfuge and Deception to “Prove” Subterfuge and Deception

Barber relies on discredited studies by discredited authors to attack gays but says a discredited study proves the gay agenda is counterfeit

Ted Cruz Confuses The Right To Marry With Being Obsessed With Sex

Senator Cruz accuses the media of being obsessed with sex because they asked him questions about where he stands on LGBT issues.

Jeb Bush Says Only Traditional Marriage Gives Kids A Chance Out Of Poverty

During a CBN interview, Jeb Bush suggested that the only way to fight poverty in America was to defend traditional marriage.

Survey: Americans Prefer A Gay President Over An Evangelical

It turns out that not only are Americans not the least bit enamored at the prospect of an evangelical fanatic as president, they are, by a large majority (61%), much more supportive of a gay or lesbian occupying the White House than a religious Republican seeking to rule according to Christianity.

Religious Right Serves Restraining Orders On Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and Kagan

Tt was no great surprise that evangelicals followed the lead of two congressional Republicans and issued religious orders restraining the 'wrong' kind of Supreme Court Justices from fulfilling their duly sworn Constitutional duty.

Conservative Christians Demand Liberal Justices Recuse Themselves From Gay Marriage Case

Some religious leaders are demanding that liberal justices Ginsburg and Kagan recuse themselves from an upcoming gay marriage case,

Bobby Jindal Believes Equality Is Radical Corporate Bullying

Although there has been progress throughout America's history, the idea of equality for every citizen has never completely caught on. Still, equal rights is purported to be one of America's defining characteristics and it appeared to be what the Founding Fathers eventually hoped would be the case.

More Than 60 Percent Of Americans Now Publicly Support Marriage Equality

Support for gay marriage has climbed to 61 percent, compared to just 35 percent of Americans who are still opposed to marriage equality.

Hillary Clinton Defends Same-Sex Marriage As A Constitutional Right

Hillary Clinton hopes the Supreme Court will come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed the constitutional right to marry.

Poll Finds Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Religious Based Anti-Gay Bigotry

A solid majority of Americans oppose discrimination against gays and lesbians, even if it is based on religious beliefs.