Sandy Hook

Biden Says We Have A Moral Obligation To Prevent Mass Shootings On Sandy Hook Anniversary

President Biden said that America should have societal guilt and the nation has a moral responsibility to prevent mass shootings.

1 month ago

Alex Jones Files For Bankruptcy As He Owes Sandy Hook Families $1.5 Billion

Alex Jones has filed for personal bankruptcy as he owes the families of Sandy Hook victims nearly $1.5 billion.

2 months ago

Alex Jones Hammered As Sandy Hook Family Awarded $45.2 Million In Damages

The plaintiff's lawyer asked the jury to send a message to Alex Jones, and they did by awarding $45.2 million…

6 months ago

Alex Jones Could Be Put Out Of Business As Jury Selection Begins In Sandy Hook Defamation Trial

Alex Jones has dodged and obstructed, but finally, jury selection is happening in the penalty phase of his Sandy Hook…

6 months ago

This May Be The End For Alex Jones After He Is Found Liable In Sandy Hook Lawsuit

A judge ruled that Alex Jones is liable for damages after he spread conspiracies about the Sandy Hook shooting being…

1 year ago

Save Your Prayers, Republicans: It’s Time To Actually Do Something About America’s Gun Problem

Tonight, dozens of people who were alive 24 hours ago no longer are, and many of the leaders who offer…

5 years ago

Dem Senator Destroys Myth That More ‘Good Guys With Guns’ Would’ve Prevented Sydney Siege

During an interview on CNN's New Day Monday Morning, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) fired back at host Chris Cuomo's assertion…

8 years ago

Tuesday’s Shooting In Oregon Is The 74th School Shooting In America Since Sandy Hook

Another day, another school shooting in America. On Tuesday morning, news hit that a gunman entered a school in Troutdale,…

9 years ago

Gun Fanatics Express Their Support For a Mass Murderer’s Second Amendment Rights

It is a common occurrence after a mass shooting for gun zealots to rise up and defend the shooter's right…

9 years ago

GOP House Candidate Claims 99 Percent of Mass Shooters are Democrats

Arizona GOP candidate Gary Kiehne proclaims that Democrats are responsible for nearly all the mass shootings in the United States.

9 years ago

Republican Governors Declare War on Civilized Society

The law defining Georgia as an uncivilized society takes effect on July 1, and among other absurdities legalizes silencers for…

9 years ago

President’s State of the Union Speech Strikes Most of the Chords Dems Were Waiting For

I watched President Obama's State of the Union speech Tuesday night. I was one of the 15% who did in…

9 years ago

The Real Tragedy After Newtown Is That There Has Been Nothing Done

The real tragedy of the Newtown massacre was that despite scores of legislators saying it was finally time to move…

9 years ago

After Whining About MSNBC’s ‘Deceptive Editing’ the Right Pushes a Fake Sandy Hook Father

Right wing media failed to correct stories in which they falsely claimed that a man who is against gun safety…

10 years ago

Sickening Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Needs to Be Debunked

While debunking the sickening Sandy Hook conspiracy theory may seem to dignify beyond what it deserves, it has to be…

10 years ago

Focusing NRA Fight on Sandy Hook Could Lose the Battle for Sensible Gun Policy

Now we have this universal outpouring of grief and revulsion and we also have a problem. The known facts about…

10 years ago

The Religious Right Wants You Dead in God’s Name

The endless chorus from the Religious Right that all that plagues our society is the result of divine wrath has…

10 years ago