sarah jones

America’s Capitalism Has Embraced White Slaves as Well as Black

American capitalism supported white indentured servitude before and alongside black slavery and relinquished it only reluctantly.

10 years ago

Proposed Missouri Law Would Throw Federal Agents in Prison Over Guns

If you think a person is violating the Constitution, you don't violate the constitution yourself as a remedy and expect…

10 years ago

Things I am Grateful for in 2012

Even in troubled times, there are a great many things to be grateful for. Here are a few of mine.

10 years ago

How the Republican Party Became the Party of Hate

The Republican Party is not the party of Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower, Ricard Nixon or arguably, Ronald Reagan. It has…

10 years ago

Republicans Set A World Record For Lies Told At CNN Arizona Debate

A special Politicus Radio post Republican debate program focuses on the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, and their love of lying…

11 years ago