Judge Gives Sarah Palin A Lesson On The Constitution While Tossing Her Lawsuit Against NYT

Sarah Palin's defamation lawsuit against The New York Times was tossed out of court as the judge gave Palin a lesson on press freedom in the United States.

Trump Hosted Statutory Rapist Ted Nugent At The White House After Fox Fired Bill O’Reilly

On the same day that Bill O'Reilly was fired at Fox News, Donald Trump hosted sexual predator Ted Nugent and political has been Sarah Palin at the White House for dinner.

Trump Might Pick Sarah Palin To Lead The VA And Social Media’s Response Is Priceless

Trump Palin

We laugh, but leading the Department of Veterans Affairs – the government's largest agency – is serious business.

US Veterans May Be Screwed As Trump Eyes Sarah Palin To Head Veterans Affairs

In what could be devastating news for US veterans, Sarah Palin is under consideration to head Veterans Affairs in the Trump administration.

Sarah Palin Says Trump Wins Because ‘Polls Are For Strippers’

“I just don’t put a whole lot of faith in polls...Like I’ve said before, polls are only good for strippers and cross-country skiers."

Trump’s Assassination Suggestion Is Typical For Republicans

Donald Trump

Trump's comment about violence against Hillary Clinton proves he is an NRA Republican and that guns are the solution to political rivals.

Trump Devastated As Former McCain Adviser Trusts Sarah Palin More with National Security

Former senior policy adviser to the McCain-Palin campaign Kori Schake told Yahoo News' Katie Couric that she would have trusted Sarah Palin with the country's national security more than Donald Trump -- and that's "illustrative."

The Crazies Eat Their Own As Sarah Palin Turns On Ted Cruz for Not Endorsing Trump

Sarah Palin (R-TV) tried to slam Ted Cruz (R-TX) for his turn on the RNC stage last night, during which he made a humiliating show of refusing to endorse Donald Trump. Palin, who is an expert in career-ending moves, predicted this would end Cruz's career.

Trump Offers Jaw Droppingly Dumb Reason Why Sarah Palin Wasn’t Invited To GOP Convention

Donald Trump is claiming that he didn't invite Sarah Palin to the Republican convention because Alaska is too far away from Cleveland, Ohio.

Trump Dumps Sarah Palin By Not Giving Her Speaking Slot At The Republican Convention

Donald Trump released his list of speakers for the Republican convention, and one name was notably missing. Despite the fact that she has been campaigning for him as a surrogate, Sarah Palin will not be speaking at the Republican convention.

John McCain Embraces Sarah Palin’s Stupidity and Blame Obama Dysfunction

These reckless, insulting comments have become commonplace for McCain because he cares more about shifting blame than keeping Americans safe.

Sarah Palin Just Handed The White House To Hillary Clinton During Idiotic Pro-Trump Rant

With one speech in Colorado, Sarah Palin may have just handed the White House to Hillary Clinton.

Global Jaws Drop As Sarah Palin Outdoes Trump With A Racist Response To Brexit

Wallowing in her usual delusion of persecution, Sarah Palin sees Brexit as declaring Independence and urged America to leave the "shackles" of the UN.

Sarah Palin Calls President Obama ‘a Special Kind of Stupid’

"Forget your asinine gun control, do your job and engage in Islamic terrorist control."

Sarah Palin Sabotages Trump’s Campaigns By Trashing His Key Attack On Hillary Clinton

Sarah Palin Humiliates Herself On CNN

Trump supporter Sarah Palin went on CNN and completely undercut his attempt to use Bill Clinton's infidelity against Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Sarah Palin Wants ‘Smart’ Democrats to Unite Behind Trump

"GOP and independents and smart Democrats, truly it is time to come together, pull together — remember that united we will stand, our country will stand united."

Bitter Obama Stalker Sarah Palin Blames The President For ESPN Firing Curt Schilling

Sarah Palin showed that there was nothing that she can't and won't blame President Obama for by blaming the President Of The United States for ESPN's decision to fire Curt Schilling.

Sarah Palin Resurfaces To Ensure That Everyone In America Hates The Republican Party

sarah palin god fox news

Just in case there was a single American left who needed the motivation to hate the Republican Party, Sarah Palin is vowing to lead a revolution of crazy if Trump or Cruz is denied the nomination.

In Pictures: Sarah Palin’s Spectacular Wisconsin Crash And Burn

Behold the cringing in second hand embarrassment, the dismay, the boredom and the contempt on the faces of the Wisconsin Republicans' faces during Sarah Palin's pro-Trump speech Friday evening.