Big Pimpin’ and Media Whorin’ Around With Sarah Palin

On the surface, the purpose of Sarah Palin’s visit to Haiti appeared to be to draw attention to the plight of Haitians, but the reality is that Palin is drawing attention to herself and her need of Graham’s evangelical religious-right voting bloc. If Palin was the Christian she claimed, she would give all her money to help the afflicted without asking for attention or recompense, but a pimp’s primary concern is making money and drawing attention to themselves.

Putting the Republican Messiah on Full Display in Sarah Palin’s Alaska

If ever you wondered if Sarah Palin was indeed the next coming of Christ, her reality TV show proves that not only does Palin own Alaska, but that she is your next Messiah. Special props for the brilliant Jesus propaganda where Palin is backlit angelically with her arms up to the Heavens and music by Christian rock band Third Day calls, “Follow me there!” over and over and over again.

TLC Morphs into Fox News While Visiting Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Joe McGinniss is now suing Sarah the pedophile hunter, or rather, the network promoting Sarah's public image as a 2012 candidate, TLC, a subsidiary of the Discovery Channel for invasion of privacy and is demanding to be removed from the reality show over due to "unauthorized videotaped images of Mr. McGinniss which were obtained without his knowledge or consent." Who can miss the irony of "discovery" in this context? Discovery will be had if TLC doesn't back down after infringing upon Joe's privacy rights.