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Sarah Sanders: More People Could Have Died from Coronavirus “If Donald Trump Hadn’t Been President”

Sarah Sanders believes more people might have died from Coronavirus if someone else was president. The former White House Press Secretary praised Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic. Sanders spoke to Fox News on Tuesday morning and compared President Trump favorably to a hypothetical alternative leader. “Let’s go back to the basics for Donald Trump…


White House Correspondents Association Slams Trump

CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta had his press pass revoked temporarily after Press Secretary Sarah Sanders lied and said he assaulted an intern. The move brought immediate rebuke from the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA). Acosta said he was asking President Donald Trump questions about his racist caravan ad when the president grew irritated with…


Sarah Sanders Laughably Claims That Trump’s Attacks On Black People Have Nothing To Do With Race

Sarah Sanders claimed that Trump’s attacks on African-Americans have nothing to do with race, even though the president consistently compares minorities to rapists and animals. Video: Transcript: Q: What do you say to critics with the attacks of Omarosa as part of a pattern to insult African-Americans like Don Lemon and Maxine Waters and NFL…


The Press Just Confronted Sarah Sanders About Trump Using Twitter To Obstruct Justice

Sarah Sanders got confronted by reporters at the White House briefing for Trump using his Twitter account to obstruct justice. Video: Transcript: Q: Federal law says that any threatening letter or communication aim at impeding a federal investigation constitutes an obstruction of justice. Rudy Giuliani issued a statement saying he does not think this morning’s…

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