Sarah Palin: Walkin’ the Thin Line with SarahPAC

Sarah Palin raked in around 2 million dollars as the of the end of the fiscal year reporting for SarahPAC shows, but instead of helping the cause, Palin is helping herself to the tune of one million dollars for paying for her private jet charter, billboard faux bus tour, expensive suites, while donating only $65,000 to candidates.

The 2009 Political Naughty or Nice List

In just a few short days Santa will be delivering presents to the nice and coal to the naughty. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Santa’s list to see what some of America’s top political figures can be expecting for Christmas. There will be some surprises under the tree for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and others.

Not Good and Paw-lenty for 2012

A recent poll in Minnesota by St. Cloud University showed Governor Tim Pawlenty coming in 10 points behind President Obama if Pawlenty were to run against Obama in 2012. St. Cloud is located in the center of Minnesota, part of the extremely conservative 6th district which elected notorious Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to office not once but twice.

Coat Hangers: a Symbolic Protest Against the Stupak Amendment

Selecting singularly vivid iconography - the coat hanger - as in coat hanger abortion, CredoAction launched a campaign to persuade the 20 formerly pro-choice Democratic Congressmen who voted Yes on the Stupak Pitts Amendment to change their minds, by sending coat hangers to those Democratic House members who voted to restrict access to abortion in the healthcare bill along with their petition.

47 Sexual Assault Victims Associated with Halliburton, KBR and Subsidiaries

Forty seven women have come forward reporting similar experiences to those recounted by Jamie Leigh Jones, who was gang raped by employees of defense contractors Halliburton and KBR. I had previously identified the number at 11, from earlier information in my research; the higher number reflects the more recent numbers who have contacted Jamie Leigh Jones and her Foundation. Just as important is the fact that the Senators who voted no on the Franken Amendment are being held accountable in their home states.

Judge Land Lowers the Boom on Orly Taitz

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the legal decisions of Judge Land in response to the various antics of Orly Taitz. Reading this order, in its entirety, was no exception. While I am not an attorney, Land is understandable even to the non-professional reader. He writes with clarity, and with certain eloquence and even hints of humor. I delight in his use of quotations in his other Orders; we share an appreciation for using the words of others to augment and focus our written thoughts.

The Exotic Art of RNC Poll Dancing

Strippers gyrate on brass poles to exploit lust for money. The RNC position on the Steele Poll is just as provocative (some would say dirty), equally unsubtle, except it exploits fear for money, instead of sex. So many of their targeted audience seems to reward attempts to frighten them by turning over their hard earned cash, that it suggests they must enjoy it, seeking out being told scary, albeit improbable stories.