Satanists Use Hobby Lobby Religious Freedom To Defend Missouri Women

This time around, the subject is once again abortion and instead of New York, Missouri Satanists are assisting a woman seeking a religious exemption from Missouri's religious 72-hour abortion waiting period because the Christian law violates the Satanist's "deeply held beliefs about bodily autonomy;" something Christian fanatics cannot comprehend or countenance for any woman.

Actual Religious Freedom Creates an Anti-First Amendment Firestorm in Bible Belt

The Religious Right, which regularly mocks and profanes the beliefs of others, thinks other religions should be banned from mocking and profaning theirs

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Charity or Satanic Ritual?

Selena Owens at WND points to Lady Gaga and Beyonce and says the IBC "stem from the deep abyss of the occult"

Satanic Magic vs Catholic Magic in Oklahoma

The Black Mass vs the Eucharist. In the end, Satanists want to piss on Jesus' body and Catholics want to eat it

Fundamentalists Drool at Thought of Miley Cyrus Having Sex with Demons

"She's basically, you know, she's basically, at least symbolically, showing how to have sex with some satanic figure"