Comedy Central Taps South African Comedian Trevor Noah To Replace Jon Stewart

Trevor Noah, a 31-year old South African comedian, will replace Jon Stewart as the host for The Daily Show.

8 years ago

After Terrible Tragedy, Jon Stewart Grieves For The Courageous Staff Of Charlie Hebdo

At the beginning of his show Wednesday night, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart paid tribute to the staff of French…

8 years ago

Mitt for President – He’s Got Your Position Covered

If he runs, you simply have to vote for my man Mitt, because whatever your position, Mitt shares it.

9 years ago

Tribalism … and You

You've surely heard that the civil war in Syria, and the broader tensions in the Middle East and Africa, are…

10 years ago

After Huntington Beach Riot, We Need to Talk about White Youth and Violence

Sunday's rioting in Huntington Beach, California is sparking a national conversation about white youth and violence. It's about time.

10 years ago

Labor Day: The Republican $400 Million Buy-Out

Happy American Labor Day Tea-partiers, Republicans and conservative Americans, today as you celebrate this American day off those un-American lazy…

11 years ago