Turkey Claims to Have Apple Watch Recording of Khashoggi’s Murder

Officials in Turkey have in their possession an Apple Watch audio recording of the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Khashoggi was reportedly wearing the Apple Watch when he entered the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul over a week ago. AP said the story was first reported Saturday by a Turkish newspaper, Sabah. This is the pro-government newspaper that Turkish security officials have been using to leak information to the public about the Khashoggi case. read more

Trump Jealously Endorses The Authoritarian Jailing Of Political Enemies In Saudi Arabia

Trump could barely hide his jealousy over the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, rounding up and arresting his political opposition.

John Kasich Proposes Federal Agency To “Push Christianity” On the Middle East

Kasich subscribes to the Republican delusion that the road to peace depends upon forcing extremist Christianity down Muslim throats

Republicans Can Learn What Religious Freedom Means from Muslims

Islamic nations are adamant in protecting the rights of all religions within their borders as an important adherence to their Islamic faith

Republicans Refuse To Condemn Saudi and American Evangelical Religious Police As “ISIS-Like”

To a substantial number of people if they talk like ISIS and behead people for religious non-compliance like ISIS, the Saudis are ISIS-like.

Obama Attacked for Announcing Cuba is No Longer a State Sponsor of Terror

The resultant Republican freakout is not unexpected, as it violates not only the status quo but further silences the drums of war

Montana State Rep. David Moore Declares Fatwa Against Yoga Pants

Rep. Moore doesn't want to see the outline of any of your body parts, specifically, those parts identified as "naughty bits" by the Puritans

Obama to cut short India trip to pay call on Saudi Arabia

President Barack Obama will shorten his trip to India and divert to Saudi Arabia, paying respects after the death of King Abdullah and meeting with the oil-rich nation's new monarch, the White House said Saturday.

The Possibility of Obama Successfully Negotiating with Iran has GOP Freaking Out

Only Republicans would see a war slipping through their fingers as a loss, and losing this chance is almost too much for John Boehner to bear

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Declares War on ISIL

What will #OpCharlieHebdo mean for ISIL? Given the hacktivist group's record so far, ISIL might want to refer back to the KKK for an answer

Fox News Still Falsely Claiming Muslim Leaders Have Been Silent On Charlie Hebdo Attack

While French law enforcement was engaged in standoffs with the terrorists responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attack, ultimately killing three of them, Fox News decided to push the canard that Muslims leaders around the world have remained silent on the attacks and have not expressed any condemnation or outrage.

The Specter of a Controlling Islam Hides a Controlling Religious Right

It's a neat trick, pretending facts don't exist so you can replace them with some agenda-friendly invented facts. *Cough* Benghazi *Cough*

Bobby Jindal Shows His Stupidity By Calling Obama Administration ‘Science Deniers’

Jindal is not only "acting" stupid about the reality of evolution and climate change, he is also feigning ignorance of America's ascension as the biggest coal, oil, and natural gas producers and exporters in the world.

California Democrat Highlights Unfair And Indecent Pay Cuts To Soldiers Stationed Overseas

James Kimber spoke with a voter in his district over the weekend and discovered that soldiers stationed in Bahrain will no longer receive Imminent Danger Pay starting June 1st. He feels this is extremely wrong.

It’s Time to Start Treating Cuba as a Neighbor

The American government persists in shutting out communist Cuba while welcoming communist Vietnam and China. It's time to bring Cuba aboard.

The civil war in Syria may be coming to a head as negotiations urged

The Syrian civil war drags on. Russia is sending ships and marines to Syria and both the U.S. and Russia are pressuring Assad to negotiate.

Christian End-Time Fantasies Endanger Us All

Christian end time fantasies are not limited to the world of fiction; these people get elected to office and influence, even control policy

The Tea Party May Think it Runs the Country, but They are Wrong

Citizens may think the ultra right tea party has all the power in the U.S. In truth, they have almost none. A few people control America.

Obama Has Removed the Last Shred of Divine Covering Over the White House? Really?

Apparently, President Obama has ripped away from imaginary protective layer over the White House for which surface-to-air missiles are no substitute

How the Republican War Machine Has Lied to America About Iran

The imminent threat from Iran that Republicans like to fear monger about has existed since Ronald Reagan, and the surest way to blow up the world is to allow the GOP to bomb Iran.