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Religious Right Leader Argues that Supreme Court Should Overrule God

Religious Right Leader Argues that Supreme Court Should Overrule God

Matt Barber of liberty counsel celebrates non-existent victories while looking for SCOTUS to let us do what Jesus said not…

8 years ago

South Carolina Violates the Constitution With Plan For Mandatory Prayer In Public Schools

As the new year is getting underway, there is a renewed push to force prayer into South Carolina public schools.

10 years ago

Texas Republicans Would Murder Truth – And the Biblically Unapproved

The Texas gubernatorial race features very little science and more than a little bloodshed

10 years ago

Missouri Votes to Allow Christians to Discriminate Against Non-Believers

Voters in Missouri took a major step towards granting Christians the right to dominate public meetings, discriminate against non-Christians.

11 years ago

Prayer in Public Schools an Essential Right – Except for Muslims

Fundies love the school prayer myth, crying that children must be allowed to pray in school - that is, until…

12 years ago

Some Hard Truths About Prayer and Crime

The morality police will continue to argue that the reverse is true but in a fact-based world this cannot be…

13 years ago

Republicans and the Public School Prayer Myth

The Republicans say taking prayer out of public schools leads to violence. But they offer no evidence, and cannot point…

13 years ago