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Sarah Palin Goes a Feudin’ with Scott Brown

Sarah Palin was on Fox Business this morning where she did not hesitate to start a feud with former Tea Party golden boy, now pariah Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) for daring to vote with Democrats on some issues. Palin claimed that Brown was not a hardcore constitutional conservative and that Massachusetts would, “put up with Scott Brown and the antics there.”


Scott Brown: Obama is a Good Man and Not a Socialist

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) continued to distance himself from the members of the fringe right by refusing to call President Barack Obama a Socialist today on CBS’ Face The Nation. When asked the Socialism question, Brown said, “I think the President is a good man… I know he cares deeply about our country. But it– it’s just different priorities.” Brown also took a swipe at the birthers by saying that he knows that Obama is an American.


Teabagger No More: Brown Endorses Romney over Palin for 2012

Scott Brown (R-MA) appeared on NBC-TV’s “Today” show this morning. Brown made his break with the Tea Party final by announcing he would support Mitt Romney over Tea Party darling Sarah Palin, dashing the hopes of many Tea Partiers who had fantasies of a Palin/Brown ticket in 2012. The support of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin’s endorsement are assumed to be responsible for getting Brown his seat in the special election in January of this year.

Fox Pathetically Tries to Spin Away Scott Brown Blowing off the Tea Party

Fox Tries to Spin Away Scott Brown Blowing off the Tea Party

While reporting on the Tea Party rally in Boston today for FNC’s America Live, Fox News reporter Molly Line tried to spin away the fact that Sen. Scott Brown decided to not to show up at the rally and associate with the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. Line said, “Tea Partiers gave him some credit actually for not coming here today.” Only at a rally led by Palin and Fox would Brown get credit for not showing up.

Stealth Candidate Scott Brown Is Lying about his Beliefs

Moderates and independents need to start paying very close attention in future elections, as the right is running “stealth candidates”. Since apparently, the majority of voters don’t want a religious extremist racist in office, the only thing for a teabagging birther like Scott Brown to do is LIE about their beliefs in order to get elected.

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