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Debate makes Clear: Public Education, the Public Good itself, Hang in the Balance in 2020

When asked about his approach to education in last Thursday’s Democratic primary debate, Pete Buttigieg’s response boiled down the difference between his approach and Donald Trump’s to its most  basic element.  “Step one,” he said, would be to “appoint a secretary of education who actually believes in public education.” Buttigieg’s pithy statement put sharply into…


Like Pruitt, Interior Chief Ryan Zinke Is Plagued With Scandal

Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned after his actions led to 18 different federal investigations, and Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior, is close behind with a dozen investigations of his own. “Scandals Pile Up For Interior Chief Ryan Zinke” https://t.co/VzhqT3lK4Q Scandals Pile Up For Interior Chief Ryan Zinke [CLICK=HERE] pic.twitter.com/k1hkDRwbBw — newslink7.com (@Newslink7com) July…

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Chris Hayes Stunned As EPA Whistleblower Details Scott Pruitt’s Theft From Taxpayers

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was stunned as he listened to EPA whistleblower, Kevin Chmielewski, detail how EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is robbing the taxpayers blind. Video of the moment that stunned Chris Hayes: Hayes asked, “There were low level, and other reports today, low-level staffers, being asked to charge trips on their credit card and not…


FBI May Open Criminal Probe Into Scott Pruitt’s Actions

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt currently faces 12 federal inquiries from the EPA’s Inspector General, Government Accountability Office, and House Oversight committee. A criminal investigation into his actions may be coming next. On Friday six Democratic Congressmen sent a letter to the FBI and the Department of Justice asking that they open a formal…


How Trump’s Appointees Are Destroying Our Government

The Republicans’ war on government continues unabated in the Trump Administration.  By continuing to appoint cabinet members who are both corrupt and incompetent, President Donald Trump has succeeded in undermining Americans’ faith in their government.  As a result (Republicans hope) fewer people will look to government for solutions to their problems.  If the government doesn’t…


How Fox News Personalities Use Trump To Run Our Nation

Scott Pruitt should find himself in jeopardy of losing his job. However, yesterday Mr. Trump called Mr. Pruitt, a “good man,” while refusing to comment on questions regarding questionable ethical behavior engaged in by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Administrator.  Mr. Trump added: “I think he’s done a fantastic job,” Mr. Trump told reporters aboard Air…


Trump’s Extravagant Travel Expenses Being Scrutinized

Trump’s almost weekly golf vacations to Florida. Melania’s frequent trips to Manhattan from the White House.  Ivanka and Jared and Don Jr. flying around the world at government expense.  And cabinet members flying first class, chartering jets, and taking unneeded trips. Never before has the United States been victimized to such a great extent by…

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