Republicans Make Charges of Voter Fraud In Wisconsin Recall

Republicans are ramping up their PR in case they lose in Wisconsin today; if they lose, it will be because of the imaginary voter fraud.

Chuck Norris Displays Comedic Talents on Scott Walker’s Behalf

Chuck Norris takes to WND to display comedic talents in support of Scott Walker, and badly misrepresenting Ronald Reagan in the process

Wrong Scott Walker or Political Smokescreen: Questions Remain On Walker Baby Daddy Story

A reporter claims that the wrong Scott Walker was fingered in the baby daddy scandal but does his email hold up or is it a smokescreen?

Scott Walker Hopes Sucking Koch Will Save Him From Recall Doom

Scott Walker is outspending his opponent, Tom Barrett 10-1. The big boys have made their position clear in the recall election, but will Koch whoring trump the will of the people?

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Why Wisconsin Democrats Can’t Lose

We pay tribute to the reasons Wisconsinites fought so hard for this recall; the Scott Walker Memory Book of systemic corruption.

Investigators Turn Up the Heat on Scott Walker with Bid Rigging Probe

The Scott Walker John Doe investigation takes a serious turn as prosecutors look into potential bid rigging surrounding a land lease.

Why Scott Walker Must Go: the Endless Parade of Lies

Scott Walker's endless parade of lies is just one of many reasons that the Wisconsin governor has got to go.

Scott Walker: Unfit for Office in College, Unfit for Office Today

Have you ever wondered what Scott Walker was like before he went into politics?  Dr. Glen Barry has some insights and they’re not pretty.

The Failure of Austerity Demonstrated by Scott Walker and Mitt Romney

Romney and Walker each pushed austerity politics only to end up with abysmal job records, yet polls say gullible voters keep supporting them.

Koched Up Scott Walker Invents His Own Reality with Deceptive Jobs Numbers

Scott Walker’s Wisconsin suffered record job losses as he faces recall, so Walker decided that he didn’t like the measurement used. He wanted to tell a different story.

Scott Walker Tries to Save His Job By Copying Obama

Republican Governor Scott Walker is deep in the throes of implementing an Obama-like economic agenda for one Wisconsin city in order to save his job in the imminent recall election.

Tom Barrett To Face Scott Walker in Rematch to Right the Great Wisconsin Wrong

Chaos via fake Democrats and delays in printing ballots didn't matter, as in the end Wisconsin Democrats selected Tom Barrett to rematch with Scott Walker and right the great Wisconsin wrong.

Corporate Outside Cash Flooding in for Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker is winning the money race in the recall against him. Almost ¾ of it is coming from out of state. Want to know who's funding the job-killer's corporatist agenda?

Scott Walker Blames Protesters for Wisconsin’s Highest in Nation Job Losses

Scott Walker excused his record as governor with the worst job losses in the nation by blaming the protesters for scaring off businesses.

The GOP Give Women an Ideological ‘Up Yours, Girls!’ On Equal Pay Day

Demonstrating just how Republicans honor Equal Pay Day, Scott Walker, whose polices are endorsed by Mitt Romney, actually repealed parts of the Equal Pay Act in Wisconsin just days before the national event.

Scott Walker Tastes Defeat As Part Of Union Busting Bill Gets Struck Down

It’s almost as if the stars are out to get Governor Scott Walker. First, his recall election gets certified and then part of his infamous union busting bill gets thrown out.

Scott Walker Whistles Past The Graveyard As He Denies Corruption Investigation

The media wants Gov Scott Walker to answer their questions about his legal defense fund, but he only wants to talk about the dairy industry and deny that he's being investigating.

35,000 to 1: Protesters Mobilize To Take Down Scott Walker

An estimated 35,000 Wisconsinites rallied at the Madison stop for Wisconsin’s AFL-CIO’s “Reclaim Wisconsin Tour,” the immediate focus of which is the recall of Governor Scott Walker, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and four Republican state senators. read more

Scott Walker’s Nightmare Friday: Felonies, Failures and Injunctions

Scott Walker has had a nightmare of a Friday. He’s has been running around the state spinning his bum off to no avail. He has admitted starting a legal defense fund, which one can only do if one is under investigation in the state of Wisconsin. But Scott is saying he’s doing it save everyone money. He says the job numbers are going in the right direction, but a closer look tells a “troubling” story about his polices. A close aide waives her preliminary trial on four felony counts and a temporary injunction was ordered on his voter ID law. Phew. read more