Shenzhen Sweatshops: The Ultimate Goal of Corporatism

Chinese sweatshops are horrific, and they could happen here.

A Wink in the Clink: Another Scott Walker Aide Pleads Guilty To Crime

I have recently been informed on Twitter by an “ordained minster” that Republicans are right to disrespect the President because God tells them to call out those who “pervert” the Bible. Keep this in mind, then, as I tell you the story of Wisconsin today, because it seems like Republican God has mysterious values. read more

Scott Walker Lawyers Up as John Doe Investigation Stalks Wisconsin GOP

Republican governor Scott Walker won’t say whether he was subpoenaed or not, but he has lawyered up and says he is willing to sit down with the investigator of the John Doe investigation that has already landed several of his top aides and donors in jail and/or with felony convictions. Walker has chosen lawyers who specialize in real estate and complex criminal law. read more

With Recall Looming Top Scott Walker Operative Faces Criminal Charges

The investigation into GOP Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's aides comes closer to the big fish, and the DA says more charges are coming.

Former Scott Walker Aide Accused of Embezzling From Charity For Deceased Soldiers’ Kids

Tim Russell, a Scott Walker aide, was arrested for charges of embezzling money meant for families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fellow Republican Governor Deems Scott Walker and John Kasich Failures

An internal memo from PA Gov. Tom Corbett’s administration reveals that even GOPers think extremists like Walker and Kasich are failures.