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Opinion: Will “Enough Is Enough” Politics Eclipse Dems’ Futile Hopes for Bi-Partisanship?

“Folks [are] supposed to have common sense.” These are the now well-known words of Alabama’s Republican Governor Kay Ivey when she called out those hesitant or downright resistant to getting vaccinated, declaring that “it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down.” It’s…


Studies: Coronavirus Infection, Mortality Rates Higher in Places Where Sean Hannity Has Widest Audience

According to studies conducted by the Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and the University of Chicago (among others), coronavirus infection and mortality rates are higher in areas where Fox News host Sean Hannity has his widest audience. The studies were surfaced by the Washington Post. “We are receiving an incredible…


Trump Claims Someone Said He Is “The Most Perfect Person” for Surviving Russia Probe

President Donald Trump claimed a friend told him he is “the most perfect person” for surviving the investigation into his Russian ties. “Isn’t that true?” he asked the audience. "A friend of mine said, 'you have to be the most perfect person.' Isn't that true?" — Trump pic.twitter.com/9OWptMZngV — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 26, 2020…


Former Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly Says Coronavirus Victims “Were on Their Last Legs Anyway”

Bill O’Reilly, the former Fox News host who left the network in 2017 amid a sexual harassment scandal, said in an interview with former colleague Sean Hannity that coronavirus victims “were on their last legs anyway,” according to audio posted online by Media Matters. The transcript is below: SEAN HANNITY: I want life back to…

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