Seattle Mayor Accuses Bill Barr of “Act of Tyranny” After He Suggests Charging Her

The Mayor of Seattle has hit out at William Barr following reports that he considered charging her for allowing protesters…

3 years ago

Reports Suggest Federal Agents May Withdraw from Portland

Federal law enforcement may soon leave the city of Portland, Oregon, according to new reports emerging on Wednesday. U.S. agents…

3 years ago

Trump: Democrats Think It’s Wonderful That “Terrorists Burn and Pillage Our Cities”

Donald Trump lashed out at Democrats on Friday while attacking peaceful protesters in Seattle. The President also took aim at…

3 years ago

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down Bernie Sanders Rally In Seattle

Two Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a Bernie Sanders rally on Social Security and Medicare today. The Senator did…

8 years ago

Boycott In Full Swing As CT Gov. Malloy Moves To Ban State Sponsored Travel To Indiana

"When new laws turn back the clock on progress, we can't sit idly by. We are sending a message that…

8 years ago

Seattle Joins San Francisco in Banning City-Funded Trips to Indiana

The backlash against Indiana's embrace of religious tyranny has expanded to include cities inside and outside Indiana

8 years ago

Common Sense: Washington State Voters Approve Expanded Background Checks On Gun Sales

Voters in Washington overwhelmingly passed an initiative that would expand the state's background check laws. Initiative 594 calls for background…

8 years ago

Surprise, Surprise! Alex Jones Calls Las Vegas Shooting a False Flag Set Up By Obama

Well, that sure didn't take long. Alex Jones, crazy right-wing conspiracy theorist and con artist, took to his radio show…

9 years ago

Winners and Losers From Last Night’s Off-Off Year Elections

There were many winners and losers (and one who won and lost) in last night's elections, but the biggest winner…

9 years ago

Get Ready For Some Right Wing May Day Hysteria

Tomorrow is May Day and the day of Occupy protests from coast to coast and we are already being warned…

11 years ago