Secretary of Defense

Former Defense Secretary: Trump Wanted National Guard to Protect the Rioters

On Wednesday, former Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller spoke to lawmakers. And while it was known that Trump's actions on…

6 months ago

President Obama Honors the ‘Class and Integrity Chuck Hagel Has Always Represented’

Saying it was Secretary Chuck Hagel's decision to step down as Secretary of Defense, President Obama praised the Republican as…

7 years ago

GOP Congressman Callously Claims He’d Have Left Bergdahl With The Taliban Indefinitely

During yet another appearance on a Sunday show, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) appeared on ABC's This Week to discuss the…

7 years ago

Harry Reid Needs to Get Both a Spine and a Clue and Confront Republican Obstruction

After suffering their obstruction in the 111th and 112th Congress, one would think Reid would get a clue, and a…

9 years ago

Hagel Accuser Ted Cruz Wants Everyone To Stop Asking Questions About His Past

Ted Cruz's spokesperson thinks it's 'curious' that the New Yorker would cover a speech he gave two years ago when…

9 years ago

Conservatives Convince Themselves Obama Would be in Jail if He Wasn’t President

Conservatives have convinced themselves that though Obama SHOULD be in jail even as president, he would certainly BE in jail…

9 years ago

The Hagel Filibuster Shows Republicans Hate America Almost as Much as They Hate Obama

Republicans are sticking to their obstructionist ways over Israel, and Americans have come to learn that Republicans hate this country…

9 years ago

Another Sign Obama’s Doing a Good Job: War Criminal Dick Cheney Thinks America Isn’t Safe

Cheney claims the President's national security team choices put the nation at risk because they do not support Bush-Cheney policies…

9 years ago

GOP Senator Does a Hypocritical Flip Flop on Iran Sanctions to Oppose Hagel

Republicans will do anything to block Chuck Hagel's appointment as Defense Secretary, including praising Obama's sanctions against Iran.

9 years ago

Opposition to Chuck Hagel is a No-Win Scenario for the GOP

There is no conceivable outcome in which GOP opposition to Chuck Hagel ends happily for Republicans

9 years ago

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