Senate Committee Approves Trump’s Pro-Russia Secretary of State Pick After Rubio Sells Out

Rubio Tillerson

The Florida senator talked tough during Tillerson's confirmation hearing but eventually sold out and voted in favor of the Putin puppet.

Height And Facial Hair Factored Into Trump’s Secretary Of State Vetting Process

Trump look

The fact that physical appearance weighed heavily into Trump's cabinet picks is outrageous, but it's not surprising.

Leak Shows Trump’s Choice for Secretary of State Directs a Russian Oil Company

Rex Tillerson not only runs ExxonMobil, he is also the director of a Russian oil company registered in the Bahamas, a secretive tax haven.

Putin’s ‘Favorite Congressman’ Defends Russia’s Interference in the U.S. Election

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), a former outcast over his pro-Putin stance, is naturally being considered for the job of Secretary of State in the Trump administration, as he defends Russia's interference in the U.S. election.

‘Bombshell’ AP Report About Clinton’s Meetings As Secretary of State Is Actually a Sham

Hillary Clinton meeting Secretary of State

The media has every right to examine the Clinton Foundation's work, but they should do it in a way that is driven by facts.

Hillary Clinton, TPP And The Lurking Elizabeth Warren

Hillary Clinton has a real conundrum on her hands. It's her walking-on-eggs observation about the upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership vote. The vote will be in tandem with another controversial trade deal with the European Union, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Obama Relents and Gives Congress Veto Power Over Iran Nuclear Deal

The current President, Barack Obama, will go down in history for providing tens-of-millions of Americans with access to affordable health care, restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, an historic climate change deal with China, and with the stroke of his pen, ceding executive branch authority over foreign policy to a Congress loyal to a foreign national.

Even Joe Scarborough Believes Republicans Went Too Far With “Stupid” Iran Letter

During Monday's broadcast of Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough finally relented and said that the "one-two punch" of House Republicans inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak and the sending of a letter to Iran by 47 GOP Senators was a step too far for the party.

John McCain Tag Teams With Morning Joe To Label Obama’s Foreign Policy As “Delusional”

On Monday morning, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) did what he does best, which is preen for the cameras and make a couple of appearances on cable news shows. McCain made his way over to MSNBC's studio for an extended sit down with the Morning Joe crew.

Republicans Claim Obama’s “Quasi-Amnesty” Will Create An Epidemic of Non-Citizens Voting

During an appearance on Fox & Friends Friday morning, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach told host Steve Doocy that there was an epidemic of non-citizens illegally voting due to the immigration actions made by President Obama.

Morning Joe Whines About Being “Low On Totem Pole” Because Hillary Clinton Won’t Come On

During Monday's broadcast of MSNBC's Morning Joe, co-hosts Mike Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough openly complained about their inability to book likely 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to appear on the show.

Republican Senator John McCain Erupts And Calls Anti-War Protesters “Low-Life Scum”

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday, committee chairman Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) flipped out on anti-war protesters from Code Pink and referred to them as "low-life scum."

Republicans’ Allegiance Is to Israel; Not America

It is obvious now that America is not in an 'official war,' Republicans need a fear-mongering diatribe from Netanyahu on the pressing necessity for anything to draw America into another Middle East war

Bill Clinton Says Eric Garner “Didn’t Deserve To Die” For Selling Untaxed Cigarettes

In an interview with Fusion that will air in its entirety Tuesday evening, former President Bill Clinton told interviewer Jorge Ramos that Eric Garner did not deserve to die for the minor crime of selling untaxed cigarettes.

Record Early Voter Turnout In Iowa Could Mean Good News For Democrat Bruce Braley

The Iowa Secretary of State reported that they had received over 455,000 absentee ballots for this election through Monday. That represents the strongest early voter turnout in a midterm election in Iowa history. A recent poll shows Braley leads by 20 points among early voters.

GOP Takes One On The Chin As Kansas Court Rules Dems Don’t Need To Name Senate Candidate

A Kansas district court ruled on Wednesday that the Democratic Party does not need to name a Senate candidate to take on incumbent Republican Senator Pat Roberts. This decision opens the door for independent candidate Greg Orman to face Roberts in a head-to-head battle.

The Supreme Court Enjoins Republican War on Voting in Earnest

The Supreme Court's anti-democracy wing; Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Kennedy issued an announcement that their decision was not on the merits of the case because they had not yet heard any oral arguments defending voting restrictions. They just believed so strongly that since Ohio's Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted invested such an incredible amount of time and energy to disenfranchise minority and working-class voters, and labeled his "appeal" an emergency.

John McCain Despicably Pushes For Full-Scale Middle East War During ISIS Senate Hearing

On Wednesday afternoon, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was his normal warmongering self as he grilled Secretary of State John Kerry over the Obama Administration's strategy to deal with ISIS.

Jon Stewart Highlights Joe Scarborough’s Hypocrisy Over His Complaints About Hillary Clinton

After showing Scarborough ranting about Mrs. Clinton's book tour and making appearances in early primary states while not announcing her intentions to run, Stewart gloriously took down Scarborough and highlighted his complete and total hypocrisy.

Vice President Joe Biden Tells ISIS That America Will Follow Them To The ‘Gates Of Hell’

At an event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden delivered an emotionally charged message regarding the recent death of journalists Steven Sotloff and Jim Foley at the hands of ISIS.