Kavanaugh’s Fate Totally Depends on Collins and Murkowski

Just like with last year’s vote on Obamacare, Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation will all come down to Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Two GOP senators must vote against Kavanaugh for his confirmation to fail, and these two women senators are the only ones in their party ever to vote against the wishes of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump. read more

Republican Senator Confirms That The Senate Healthcare Bill Is Even Worse Than The House

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) confirmed on ABC's This Week that the Senate version of the healthcare bill makes even deeper cuts to Medicaid than the bill that passed the House.

Sen. Susan Collins Just Cost Trump An Electoral College Vote By Refusing To Support Him

Republican Sen. Susan Collins didn't just refuse to support Donald Trump. The wildly popular Maine Senator likely cost Trump an electoral vote that he desperately coveted in the state.