Why Trump’s ‘National Emergency’ Cash Grab Will Fail

According to a new report much of the money Donald Trump wants to shuffle around from other federal programs to build his wall has already been spent. This means that the money Trump planned to steal from these programs will not be available to him and his administration. read more

Senate Democrats Strike Back And Force Vote To Kill Trump Junk Insurance Plans

Senate Democrats have announced a plan to force a vote on legislation that would kill Trump's junk insurance plans rule and protect coverage for people with preexisting conditions.

Senate Dem Warns Of More Trump Obstruction After FBI Raids Paul Manafort’s Home

As the investigation gets closer to the president, Trump's bullying tactics are only likely to become worse.

Democrats Are Shutting Down The Senate As First Step Announced To Block Health Care Bill

Democrats have announced their first steps in blocking the secret Republican health care bill, and they including slowing the Senate to a crawl and trying to force a vote on the House-passed Trumpcare bill.

Chuck Schumer Shames Republican Fake Patriots by Citing the Founding Fathers’ Warning

"The Founding Fathers in their wisdom wrote in the Constitution that we had to worry about foreign interference," Schumer warned on the Senate floor. "It’s happening now in a way that it has never happened before."

Mitch McConnell Is Freaking Out And Worried About A Democratic 2018 Senate Take Over

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) sees Republicans having an unpopular president and no legislative accomplishments, and he is getting worried about Democrats winning back the Senate in 2018.

Democrats Rake In Millions As Trump Has Republicans Running Scared Ahead Of 2018

If Democrats can ride this wave into 2018, they could very well outperform expectations in a year which Republicans are expected to do well.

Senate Democrats Pounce And Tell Trump to Stop Sabotaging Obamacare

44 Senate Democrats called out Trump on his January 20th executive order that is undermining Obamacare, leading to the Obamacare "explosion" Trump referred to when blaming Democrats for his own failures.

Democrats To Block Gorsuch And Force Republicans To Get 60 Votes For Supreme Court Nominee

Chuck Schumer was on fire Thursday when he announced his opposition to President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, forcing 60 votes for confirmation.

Republicans Freak Out As Senate Democrats Have Made It Impossible For Trump To Do Anything

Senate Democrats have found the perfect tactic to prevent Trump and the Republican Congressional majority from accomplishing anything. By using all of their time to review each Trump nominee, Democrats have slowed down the Senate to the point where Trump may not get his full cabinet or any legislation to sign.

Al Franken Torches Spineless GOP Colleagues For Not Opposing Betsy DeVos

Al Franken

The Minnesota Democrat said the Senate should simply tell Devos, "Thank you for your time. We'll let you know," and move on to a candidate that is actually qualified to lead the department.

Cruel Republicans Vote To Strip Healthcare From 6 Vulnerable Groups

Republicans blocked amendments that would protect the “most popular and effective provisions” of the ACA, including some with no fiscal impact.

PFAW Accuse Jeff Sessions of ‘Putting His Extreme Ideology Above the Constitution’

PFAW assert that "the burden was on Senator Sessions today to show that he’s fit to serve as attorney general. He failed miserably."

Opinion: Democrats Are Too Nice When Dealing with Racist Republican Jeff Sessions

Democrats are wasting air time playing Nice Guys and praising Sen Jeff Sessions, which is typical Senate behavior and typical of Democrats, for whom reaching across the aisle is a value.

But those times are gone, and they are dealing with a dangerous racist who has been nominated to be the Attorney General.

Democrats Storm The Senate Floor And Social Media To Save Obamacare From GOP Repeal

Elizabeth Warren

"Our message to the Republicans is simple and straightforward: You are not going to get away with it."

Democrats Plan To Use Hearings On His Cabinet Of Corruption To Expose Trump As A Fraud

elizabeth warren bernie sanders hell no liberal caucus

Senate Democrats have announced that they are going to fight Trump's cabinet nominees tooth and nail and the battle will be the launching pad for their political comeback.

Republicans Blasted Nationwide For Obstructing Obama And Refusing To Do Their Jobs

Senate Republicans are getting hammered with a mountain of bad press from sea to shining sea for their refusal to even hold hearings for Chief Justice Merrick Garland, President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

Democrats Give Republicans a Taste Of The Punishment Coming For Their Obama Obstruction

Showing just how easy Republicans are going to make 2016 ads for Democrats, the Senate Democrats put out a video today showing exactly what hypocritical slimeballs Republicans are being in order to justify their absurd refusal to do their jobs and confirm an Obama Supreme Court nominee.

Democrats Are Now Favored To Win Back The Senate Thanks To Trump and Cruz

With Republicans in a state of total collapse, a new analysis shows that Democrats are now favored to win back the Senate in 2016.

Senate Democrats Have Some Questions for Bernie Sanders

Senate Democrats want to know now Sanders is going to pay for "his free higher education and health care proposals"