Separation of church and state in the United States

Fox & Friends: Priest Says Don’t Trust President Who Doesn’t Fear Eternal Damnation

Father Jonathan Morris took to Fox & Friends to push fear of eternal damnation while ignoring the Constitution's No Religious…

8 years ago

Rick Santorum Lyingly Claims Separation of Church and State is Communist and un-American

In fact, the separation of church and state is something quintessentially American. Americans invented the idea, after all

9 years ago

Festival of Lights Invites Demons into White House Says Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer says of Hinduism, "This is a counterfeit religion,. It is an Eastern religion. It is, in essence, an…

10 years ago

The True Jeffersonian Face of Religious Freedom

For Thomas Jefferson, religious freedom was neither freedom to coerce nor a coerced mind, but rather a free mind

10 years ago