CNN Debunks Trump Claim That Some Areas of US Are Under Sharia Law

Donald Trump implode

"Even though if states are pushing these anti-Sharia laws, that does not prove that anyone is trying in any credible, tangible, big way to establish Sharia law"

CNN Host Drops U.S. Constitution Truthbomb on Ben Carson Supporter

Alisyn Camerota read the "No Religious Test" clause out loud and said, "Carson's belief system violates that part of the Constitution"

57% Of Republicans Say Dismantle Constitution And Make Christianity National Religion

A PPP poll found that 57 percent of Republicans want to dismantle the Constitution and establish Christianity as the national religion

Fox News Analyst: All Muslims are Islamist Rapists

Bethany Blankley tells us that Sweden's population but that its "rape crisis" is a direct result of an influx of Muslim 'asylum seekers.'"

Religious Right Calls for Deportation, Sterilization and Holy War on Muslims

Even while WND's Joseph Farah claims there is no difference between CAIR and ISIL, we see Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson embrace ISIL's own policy, that Muslims must "convert or die."

Democrats Dance Around Protecting the Right To Choose Out Fear of the Extreme Right

In Congress and Republican-controlled states, and instead of decrying the loss of choice, Democrats dance around the issue out of fear of retribution from evangelical extremists.

A Tea Party Texas Congressman wants to take a six-shooter to Sharia law

Texas Republican Representative, Louie Gohmert is convinced Sharia law is trying to take over the U.S. legal system. So, he's packing.

Glenn Beck’s Philosophical Belch – Agenda 21

Glenn Beck takes the new Egyptian Constitution as an opportunity to push his UN conspiracy and to predict a US dictator within 5 years

What Last Night’s Debate Tells us About How Team Romney Sees Women

Paul Ryan made clear last night that he wants his religious beliefs to inform our decisions, while claiming it is his that are under attack

Pamela Geller’s New Ad Campaign Calls Muslims Savages

Pamela Geller disengenuously claims she does not hate all Arabs and Muslims despite paraphrasing an Ayn Rand quote which does exactly that

John Bolton Says Obama Planning Blasphemy Laws to Protect Islam

It's probably needed but Obama is not going to do it, and why are we even talking about something like blasphemy? It's so sixteenth century

Romney and Ryan – The Haters in Chief

It is un-American to have as a president a man who preaches religious intolerance and who promotes the idea of state-sponsored religion

Having Backed Herself into McCarthy’s Corner, Bachmann Lashes Out

Michele Bachmann's anti-Muslim witch-hunt has backfired, drawing condemnation from fellow Republicans and mockery from the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama and Radical Islam: The Ultimate Obama Hater’s Conference

If you have very low expectations and care nothing for facts and hate Obama, Cliff Kincaid of America's Survival, Inc. has something for you

The Republican Way of Governance is Bad Governance

On the basis of GOP legislation since 2010, it is an inescapable conclusion that Republican governance is bad governance as it consistently violates the democratic process

Tony Perkins Claims Gay Pride Flag in Afghanistan Endangers Americans

Tony Perkins claims a gay pride flag endangers American lives, but apparently Nazi flags, urinating on dead Afghans and burning Qur'ans does not

Taking a Ride on Bryan Fischer’s Secular Sharia Crazy Bus

After putting words in George Washington's mouth, Bryan FIscher produces bullshit from his and claims "the Ten Commandments of secular Sharia law" is taking over the land

Jesus Says David Barton Doesn’t Speak for Him: An Exclusive Interview

David Barton has little to do with actual Christianity and even less to do with first century Judaism, as Jesus explains in this exclusive interview

High Pucker Factors Are Not Just for Caliphates Anymore

Republicans insist we must fear the specter of an world Islamic Caliphate while ignoring the dangers of a Christian theocracy at home

The Dirty Thirty – February 2012 Edition

As we enter 2012 the GOP's campaign to save America from non-existent problems rather than to create jobs shows no signs of abating