Kansas Secretary of State Fires State Employee For Not Attending Church

A former Kansas state employee has filed a federal wrongful termination lawsuit targeting Kansas' Secretary of State and assistant secretary…

6 years ago

Allen West Claims Underage Walmart Cashier Not Selling Alcohol Is Sharia Law

Former Congressman Allen West posted an anti-sharia law rant on his web page after seeing a young Walmart cashier was…

7 years ago

The Specter of a Controlling Islam Hides a Controlling Religious Right

It's a neat trick, pretending facts don't exist so you can replace them with some agenda-friendly invented facts. *Cough* Benghazi…

7 years ago

Evangelical Corporations Try To Force Their Employees To Follow Their Religious Beliefs

At issue is whether a secular corporation with no business relationship or involvement in a religion can be considered religious…

8 years ago

Richard Mourdock’s Extremist Views Are Shared by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Richard Mourdock's so-called extremist view is the mainstream position of the Republican Party including the party's presidential ticket.

9 years ago

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