Nobody Believes Trump As He Tells Africa He ‘Deeply Respects’ Them After ‘S***hole’ Slur

The empty letter comes weeks after the president offended just about everybody with a conscience by referring to nations in Africa as "shithole countries," a view which apparently guides his immigration policy.

Keith Ellison Calls Trump’s Blatant Racism A Danger To The American People

"The chief executive of the United States, the commander in chief has racist ideas about America and this country, and the American people, all 320 million of us, better figure out what the do about it."

Dick Durbin Fights Back: Trump Should Release Any Recordings That Disprove ‘S**thole’ Comments

"If you don't have a tough skin, this is not a good business to get into," Durbin said. "I know what happened. I stand behind every word that I said in terms of that meeting."

Trump Hides On A Golf Course, Attacks Dick Durbin, And Uses The Military To Cover His Racism

While hiding in his private club, Trump attacked Sen. Dick Durbin who he blamed for blowing up the DACA deal and tried to use the military as a shield to deflect his racism.

After Being Kicked Off Show, Trump Supporting Pastor Tells Joy Reid To Move To Haiti

"She should just move to Haiti since she's more concerned about Haitian immigrants than black Americans here in poverty, in America."

Joy Reid Epically Smacks Down Pastor For Using The Bible To Defend Trump’s ‘S**thole’ Remarks

There is not a holy book on the face of the planet – certainly not the Bible – that can justify Trump's words or deeds.

More Trump Racism Surfaces From Oval Office Meeting: ‘Why Do We Need More Haitians?’

During the campaign, Trump said he would be the "champion" of Haitian Americans. Now that he's actually in the Oval Office, he is plotting ways to remove these same people from the country.

GOP Congressman Says He ‘Absolutely’ Stands By Trump After ‘S**thole’ Remark

"I'm absolutely -- stand beside Donald Trump, his policies. I think he's moved this country in an incredibly positive direction."

WH Official Admits Trump’s ‘S***hole’ Remarks Will Be Applauded By His Racist Base

In other words, it doesn't matter how despicable Trump's rhetoric is. If his base applauds with approval, then all is well in Trumpland.

Chuck Todd Tells Un-American Trump We All Came From S**thole Countries

NBC's Chuck Todd hit the nail on the head when he told un-American Trump that we are a nation where everyone came from s-hole countries.