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Recent Study Confirms US Ranks Dead Last in Healthcare Outcomes

Recent Study Confirms US Ranks Dead Last in Healthcare Outcomes

Medicare for all. That very phrase has the potential to produce several very palpable responses. Republicans are, naturally, opposed to…

2 years ago

NY Got Close to Passing Single-Payer Healthcare–Then Special Interests Squashed It

Many New Yorkers were expecting this year would be the one in which New York finally passed the "New York…

2 years ago

Sanders Opens 2020 Fight As He Launches New Medicare-for-All Plan

Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is giving a new push to his 2020 campaign today by announcing a…

4 years ago

Women’s March Brings ‘Medicare for All’ Lobbying to Washington

As the Women's March comes to Washington today they will be joined by other progressive organizations who spent the day…

5 years ago

Progressives Want a Vote on ‘Medicare for All’ In New Congress

Democrats in support of single payer healthcare will push for a vote on their controversial healthcare legislation in the House…

5 years ago

How To Kill The Change We Believe In: California Single Payer is Dead

This past week California progressives, adopting the tactics of Tea Partiers, rallied for the beloved cause of single payer health…

12 years ago