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Health Insurance, Drug Companies Create Group to Fight Single Payer Healthcare

Health Insurance, Drug Companies Create Group to Fight Single Payer Healthcare

With billions of dollars at stake, powerful healthcare companies have formed a new group to fight single payer healthcare.  The…

5 years ago

Bernie Sanders Calls Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill A ‘Disaster’ Right To Their Faces

"Every major health organization in this country ... thinks that their proposal is a disaster," Sanders said, standing right next…

6 years ago

Bernie Sanders Just Destroyed The Entire Republican Argument Against Single Payer Health Care

On Meet The Press, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) destroyed the Republican argument against single payer health care, by reminding America…

6 years ago

Bernie Sanders Completely Dismantles GOP Argument Against Single Payer In 60 Seconds

"We have a Medicare system right now. It is a good system. ... Let's expand that program to every man,…

6 years ago

Fox News Admits That Disastrous Trumpcare Is Laying The Groundwork For A Single-Payer System

"I would predict that in less than seven years, we'll be in a single-payer system. That's the great irony of…

6 years ago

Bernie Sanders To Introduce Health Care Legislation That Will Put The GOP Plan To Shame

"We've got to join the rest of the world and guarantee health care to all of our people as a…

6 years ago

Bernie Sanders Tricks Ted Cruz Into Supporting A Single-Payer Healthcare System

After Cruz expressed phony concern about insurance company profits, Sanders excitedly pounced.

7 years ago

Why Americans Can’t Have Universal Healthcare Like Europeans

Americans are not interested in paying significantly higher income taxes to have ‘government-provided' healthcare

8 years ago

Far From Unrealistic, Sanders Has the Experience to Work Toward his Vision

It has been claimed Sanders is unelectable and unrealistic, but his years as senator suggest his ability to hold onto…

8 years ago

Paul Krugman Strikes Back At Liberals Who Attack ‘Obamacare’

Krugman points out that with GOP control the House, it may take many years before Republicans agree to provide more…

8 years ago

Hillary Rodham Clinton Sounds Like A Realist – Not A Republican

The reality is that when Democrats did have majorities in both houses of Congress they were barely able to pass…

8 years ago

Sanders Gets Real And Hits Clinton For Opposing Single Payer and Family Leave Bill

The Bernie Sanders campaign is ramping up their contrast of the top two Democratic candidates records by hitting Hillary Clinton…

8 years ago

Harry Reid Reveals that Obamacare Is Step One Towards Single Payer Healthcare

During an interview on Nevada Week In Review, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid revealed that Obamacare is the first steps…

10 years ago

The Big Three Automakers Push For Single Payer

The Big Three automakers, GM,Chrysler and Ford along with the Canadian Autoworkers pushed the Canadian government to strengthen their single…

11 years ago

ObamaCare’s Hidden Trigger Paves The Way For Single Payer

A hidden trigger in ObamaCare may very well pave the road to single payer health insurance system or Medicare for…

12 years ago

I Want My Country Back: Medicare for All

We keep hearing from the far right that they want their country back. What country are they talking about? I…

14 years ago