WATCH: Fox News Guest Claims Slavery Wasn’t a Racist Thing

Now that Joe Biden is president and things are going reasonably well, Fox News has decided to stop talking about…

2 years ago

WATCH: Ben Carson Suggests Welfare Has Hurt Black Americans More Than Slavery

Most of Donald Trump 2016 opponents for the Republican nomination fought him until the end. Ben Carson, though, capitulated earlier…

2 years ago

Barr Shows His True Colors By Comparing Lockdowns To Slavery

The Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, compared lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic to slavery.

2 years ago

Tom Cotton’s 1619 Project Legislation Highlights Ignorance Of Political Economy and History

As is now widely known, the Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton recently proposed legislation that would deny federal funding to…

2 years ago

Kanye West Claims Harriet Tubman Didn’t “Free the Slaves” as He Launches Presidential Campaign

Kanye West criticized Harriet Tubman during the first event of his presidential campaign on Sunday. The rapper took aim at…

3 years ago

Trump Tells African Americans Protesting Confederate Statues To Learn History

Donald Trump thinks African Americans should learn U.S. history rather than campaign for the removal of Confederate monuments. The President…

3 years ago

Opinion: Lindsey Graham Exemplifies Racist Incoherence Complaining About Monument Removal

Many Americans have been compelled by the recent mass protests to seek a fuller understanding of United States history and…

3 years ago

Trump Told Historian That He Could Have ‘Done a Deal’ to Stop the Civil War

“He told me a year and a half ago or so, a year ago, that, you know, he thought he…

6 years ago

Trump Doubles Down On His Civil War Idiocy By Claiming Andrew Jackson Was A Psychic

After being called out for his poor grasp of history, Trump just made matters much worse.

6 years ago

Trump Idiocy on the Civil War: ‘Why Could That One Not Have Been Worked Out?’

"People don't ask that question. But why was there a Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked…

6 years ago

Virginia Republican Compares Politicians Removing Confederate Monuments to ISIS

Stewart says "Nothing is worse than a Yankee telling a Southerner that his monuments don't matter," but he's wrong. Defending…

6 years ago

Trump’s Former Virginia Chair Goes Full-On Racist Confederate in Bid for Governor

"Inspired by Trump, his former Virginia chair runs the 'most openly Confederate-friendly campaign in recent memory'"

6 years ago

Corrupt Tom DeLay Calls President Obama a “Professional Racist”

"When is he [President Obama] going away? My goodness gracious. This is just unbelievable, but you know, he’s never gotten…

6 years ago

GOP Congressman Claims Institutional Racism Can Be Cured by the Bible

Apparently, if African-Americans had a Bible-based moral education, they wouldn't mind being gunned down by the police for no reason…

6 years ago

NRA Calls Slavery Apologist Newsletter ‘Astute’ and ‘Timely’

Jeff Cooper’s newsletter was unabashadly pro-black slavery but the NRA's Frank Winn says racial slurs are "erudite" and support for…

6 years ago

Bill O’Reilly Thinks Slavery is Okay if You Feed and House Them

Denial of reality is alive and well in Republican ranks. We have already seen how right-wing talking heads exploded at…

7 years ago

A Happy Thanksgiving to You

Thanksgiving's origins lie in ancient, pre-Christian harvest festivals which are religious in nature, and have nothing to do with genocide

7 years ago

This is Republican Immigration Reform: Slavery, Drone Attacks And Shredding the Constitution

Conservative bigots love the idea of shredding the Constitution's 13th and 14th Amendments in place of actual immigration reform

7 years ago

Wisconsin Lawmaker Claims Civil War Was Fought to Further a Christian Lifestyle

Lincoln said "If slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong" while the Bible says, "Slaves, obey your earthly masters with…

8 years ago

Racist Tea Partiers Claim African Americans Take Advantage of Slavery

The anniversary of the end of slavery was remembered by a tea party leader by admonishing African Americans to stop…

9 years ago

The Gettysburg Address 150 Years Ago And Now: Lincoln, Obama and The Great Task Remaining

One hundred fifty years later, President Lincoln's Great Task remains uncompleted.

9 years ago

Reality Messing with your Narrative? Invent a More Congenial World

Republicans can talk about things that never happened as though they did, but Democrats cannot talk about things that DID…

9 years ago

America’s Capitalism Has Embraced White Slaves as Well as Black

American capitalism supported white indentured servitude before and alongside black slavery and relinquished it only reluctantly.

10 years ago

Right Wing Bigots Claim Immigration Reform Path to Citizenship Violates the Bible

Ralph Reed, mistaking the Bible for the US Constitution, believes his holy book should govern US immigration policy

10 years ago

A Neo-Confederate, a slavery apologist and a death penalty for children advocate walk into an election…

Justice was decisive as she struck down the three GOP 'stooges' in Arkansas, best known for hating immigrants, loving slavery…

10 years ago

Ted Nugent, the Civil War, and the GOP’s Anti-Constitutional Fantasies

Ted Nugent believes we'd be better off if the South had won the Civil War, completely ignoring that states rights…

11 years ago

As Simple As Black and White: The GOP’s Secessionist Dream

It has been 150 years since the Confederacy of Southern States seceded from the United States of America starting the…

12 years ago