SNL Takes Down Trump For Being Afraid To Testify

SNL Takes Down Trump For Being Afraid To Testify

SNL perfectly captured Trump's courthouse press conferences and why he hates court and is afraid to testify.

1 week ago

SNL Weekend Update Delivers A Perfect Trump 1/6 Easter Joke

SNL's Weekend Update had a great joke about Trump's Bible turning the crucifixion into a 1/6-style attack.

2 months ago

SNL Wrecks Christian Grifter Trump For Easter

SNL took apart Trump's Bible-selling grift and pander to Christianity just in time for Easter.

2 months ago

Scarlett Johansson Kills It As Katie Britt On SNL

Scarlett Johansson played Sen. Katie Britt in a dead-on parody of the Republican State Of The Union response on SNL.

3 months ago

SNL Cold Open: You Can’t Mess With Joe Biden

SNL's cold open featured Democrats, administration officials, and celebrities all touting the amazing physical feats of Joe Biden.

3 months ago

SNL Skewers Cowardly Republicans In Congress For Sucking Up To Trump

SNL took on Republicans in Congress for being terrified of and constantly sucking up to former president Donald Trump.

3 months ago

SNL Weekend Update Goes There With Epic Trump And Jeffrey Epstein Joke

Weekend Update took down MAGA conspiracies and worked in a strong joke about Donald Trump looking happy dancing with Jeffrey…

4 months ago

Nikki Haley Slays Donald Trump In Surprise SNL Appearance

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley showed up on Saturday Night Live to ask Trump why he wouldn't debate her and…

4 months ago

SNL Mocks Trump’s Terrible Week In Devastating Fashion

SNL used its cold open to hit on all of Trump's low points from his bad week that was terrible…

4 months ago

SNL Shreds Trial Riddled Mentally Declining Trump

SNL used its cold open to have Trump interrupt the Republican debate that featured ripped-from-the-headlines gaffes and his New York…

7 months ago

SNL Turns Jim Jordan And House Republicans Into A National Joke

SNL hit the nail on the head as they had a frustrated Jim Jordan wondering why he did everything that…

7 months ago

SNL Shreds Trump For Comparing Himself To Jesus

SNL used their Easter show to skewer Trump for comparing himself to Jesus as he has been criminally charged.

1 year ago

SNL Cast Members, Benedict Cumberbatch Powerfully Protest Overturning Roe

On SNL, guest host Benedict Cumberbatch, several cast members, and musical guest Arcade Fire’s Win Butler took their final bows…

2 years ago

SNL Turns Kevin McCarthy Into A National Joke With One Sentence

During the SNL cold open, they noted that McCarthy's epic speech managed to delay Build Back Better until it passed…

3 years ago

Republicans Are Officially A Joke After SNL Nails Mitch McConnell

SNL perfectly captured the way that Sens. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins twist and bend to support Trump.

5 years ago

Bill Hader and Ben Stiller Return to SNL For Hilarious Cold Open

Ben Stiller returned to play Michael Cohen in last night’s “Saturday Night Live” cold open and he was joined by…

5 years ago

Alec Baldwin Destroys Trump in SNL ‘Cold Open’

Last night’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) brutally mocked Donald Trump for declaring a bogus national emergency to build his border…

5 years ago

Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL And Shreds Trump And Kanye West

In a sketch that was pure genius, Alec Baldwin and his Trump impression returned to SNL and drew the connection…

6 years ago

Matt Damon Crushes Brett Kavanaugh On SNL Season Premiere

Matt Damon delivered a parody of Brett Kavanaugh that was both spot on and very funny that put into pop…

6 years ago

Alec Baldwin Perfectly Skewers Trump Corruption On SNL

Alec Baldwin reprised his classic role as an unhinged Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night and it…

6 years ago

SNL Makes Sure That Trump Will Forever Be Known As The Moron President

SNL's parodies define presidents in popular culture, and in the case of Trump, this means that he will forever be…

7 years ago

Melissa McCarthy’s Wrecking Of Sean Spicer Takes Trump To Rock Bottom

Melissa McCarthy's latest satire of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer showed that the American people had lost all faith…

7 years ago

SNL And Alec Baldwin Pull Off The Most Brilliant Take Down Of Trump Supporters Yet

Alec Baldwin's latest turn as Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live featured a brilliantly clever reflection of the truth about…

7 years ago

Spicey’s Back!! Melissa McCarthy To Skewer Sean Spicer By Guest Hosting SNL

Melissa McCarthy's popular Sean Spicer impression will return as the comedian has been tapped to host one of the final…

7 years ago

Trump Declines WH Correspondents Dinner So Twitter Demands Alec Baldwin as Replacement

"I will not be attending the White House Correspondents Association Dinner this year" = "Oh pleeeeeez Alec Baldwin go as…

7 years ago

Alec Baldwin Blows Trump’s Ratings Out Of The Water In Record Setting SNL Episode

The ratings are in, and they are bad news for President Trump. Alec Baldwin's Trump impression is so popular that…

7 years ago

Alec Baldwin Offers To Stop Doing His SNL Impression If Trump Releases His Tax Returns

After President-elect Donald Trump had complained about Alec Baldwin's impression of him on Saturday Night Live, the actor offered to…

7 years ago

Alec Baldwin Tells Trump ‘no more equal time. Now u try 2 b Pres + ppl respond’

"Equal time? Election is over. There is no more equal time. Now u try 2 b Pres + ppl respond.…

8 years ago

Critics Agree: Donald Trump Bombed And Was A Disaster As Host Of SNL

The reviews of Donald Trump hosting SNL are in, and they are not good for the Republican presidential candidate, or…

9 years ago

Pressure Grows On NBC As 115,000+ Sign Petition Demanding SNL Dump Trump

The petition to have NBC dump Donald Trump as the host of the November 7 episode of SNL is spreading…

9 years ago

NBC Thumped As 18,000+ Americans Demand That The Network Dump Trump From SNL

NBC is facing an intense backlash as more than 16,000 Americans have signed a petition demanding that the network dump…

9 years ago

Chris Christie Sells Himself as a Moderate, but That’s Not Even Close to True

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and presidential hopeful has been casting himself as a jolly moderate. I invite you to…

11 years ago

Mo’ Money, No Personality: Watch Mitt Romney Get Palined

Saturday Night Live encapsulated and amplified Mitt Romney's weakest points for posterity, and it's as devastating as Tina Fey's Sarah…

12 years ago

SNL’s Latest Hammers the Last Nail into Christine O’Donnell’s Political Coffin

Christine O'Donnell's fading hopes in her US Senate race were likely completely killed off last night, when SNL perfectly spoofed…

14 years ago