Trump Claims That His Supporters Are A Protected Class That Is Being Discriminated Against

Trump thinks that his supporters (white Republicans) are a protected class who are being discriminated against on social media.

Democrats Now Have Their Own Social Media Army to Fight the Russians

Russia has been using social media for several years to sow discord among the American electorate, and now Democrats have their own army of social media specialists to fight back.

U.S. intelligence services have confirmed many times that the Russian attack on America was not done by just hacking systems, it also has been done through massive social media campaigns involving the use of “bots” and disinformation campaigns. read more

In 2016 Facebook Executive Admitted They Could Get People Killed

On June 18, 2016, one of Facebook’s most senior executives sent out a shocking memo telling employees that there could be negative consequences of the company’s growth, including getting people killed, but these consequences were “justified.” read more

M.I.T. Study Says Fake News Is 70 percent More Likely to Spread on Twitter Than Real News

An alarming new study from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology seems to prove that false stories on Twitter are 70 percent more likely to be spread by human users of the social media platform than are true stories. The study looked at 126,000 stories shared by 3 million people on Twitter over an eleven year period from 2006 to 2017. read more

The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Self-Obsessed Trump’s Time Magazine Claim

Trump's dangerous presidency has been no laughing matter. But every so often, he says something so ludicrous that it's impossible not to laugh at how buffoonish he is. 

Twitter’s Animal Farm TOS Enforcement Greenlights Misogyny, Trump, his Followers and Russian Bots

Last week, Twitter suspended Rose McGowan’s account because, according to Twitter, she violated TOS.

Mentally Unstable Trump Whines And Blames Democrats For Failed GOP Health Care Plan

This is a President of the United States who is unwilling or unable to accept criticism or responsibility for his own failures.

Why It Will Take A Lot More Than A Protest To Stop Gun Violence

If the slaughter of 20 school children didn’t sway Republicans to support sane gun safety laws, why would a protest by House Democrats?

Progressive Hero Elizabeth Warren Under Attack For Supporting Hillary Clinton

In politics it is different than just disappearing when there is hardship; the fair weather supporter becomes an enemy; something that is occurring more often than not on the left side of the political spectrum.

New York Times Editorial Board Slams Netanyahu For Using Racism To Win Israeli Election

netanyahu address to congress

Shortly after it became apparent that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party had survived a close election and would retain power over the nation's government, the New York Times released a scathing editorial criticizing Netanyahu for going ugly and utilizing racism and anti-Palestine sentiment to energize far-right Israeli voters.

Yoga Pants Wearers Rejoice As Proposed Montana Ban Is Stymied In Committee

Representative David Moore's (R-Missoula) proposed yoga pants ban, failed to pass through the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

Another GOP Staffer Loses His Job Over Racist Comments

Republican Congressman Aaron Shock accepted the resignation of staffer Benjamin Cole, over racist comments Cole made on social media.

Open Carry Texas Activist Arrested For Shooting And Killing Husband And Stepdaughter

Veronica Dunnachie, an Open Carry Texas activist is facing capital murder charges in the slaying of her husband and his adult daughter.

Republican Staffer Elizabeth Lauten Loses Her Job After Attacking Obama’s Daughters

GOP staffer and former RNC media director Elizabeth Lauten lost her job after an ugly rant against the Obama daughters.

Hundreds Of Ferguson Protesters Shut Down St. Louis Shopping Malls On Black Friday

In a powerful display of true civil disobedience, hundreds of protesters stormed a St. Louis area shopping mall Friday afternoon, leading to the mall's temporary closure on the busiest shopping day of the year.

The Rest Of The World Tries To Explain To Republicans How Good They Have It Under Obama

It is a damn wretched commentary on this nation's voting public that people around the world are better-informed about America's economic situation, and why it is leading the world still suffering Bush-Republican economic malfeasance and ineptitude.

Prominent Tea Partier Says Michael Brown’s Parents Received ‘Taxpayer-Funded Abortion’

Former executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party Todd Kincannon sent out a tweet Wednesday evening saying Michael Brown's parents shouldn't be upset because they are pro-choice Democrats and "they got a taxpayer-funded abortion."

The Democratic Party Is Not Your Abusive Partner, Progressives, It’s Your Problem Child

Calls for the Progressives to "break up" with the Democratic Party as an abusive partner miss the mark. The problems is actually their neglect of the party.

The Right Wing’s Unhinged Reaction to the Idea that Janay Rice Is a Victim

ray rice punch fiancee video

This is a world in which women have no right to complain about gender inequality if they don't want to get punched, but if Ray Rice had punched another man in the elevator, he would be just as guilty