America’s Skyrocketing Debt: Real Problem, or Just A Republican Excuse to Oppose Everything?

Over the course of 2020, the federal government spent a massive amount trying to deal with the economic fallout of the pandemic. Republicans and Democrats agreed that in the face of crisis, America needed to put the fire out first, worry about all the water they were using later. But in 2021, people are beginning to worry about these giant costs, especially coming on top of the existing federal debt. Republicans say it’s a looming problem, Democrats say that’s just an excuse to oppose progressive priorities. So who’s right? Or do they maybe both have a point? Manhattan Institute budget expert Brian Riedl explains in this edited transcript. read more

Joni Ernst Promises Americans a Very Painful Lesson If Elected

Ernst's treatise on government dependency revealed that not only is she a hard line devotee of tea party orthodoxy, she has a perverse vision of America's 20th Century as a monumental error; because like the Koch's she sees government for the people as an abomination that needs to be abolished once and for all.

Obama Rebuts The GOP’s Social Security Privatization Fantasies

It's the 75 anniversary of Social Security and so, naturally, Republican leaders and candidates want to take it away from us, being the modern day anarchists they are. Any government program that does not benefit the corporations needs to go. President Obama has sworn to honor and protect your Social Security benefits from the Republicans, whose candidates have made privatization a key part of their agenda.