Trump’s False Campaign Promise Is the Real Story behind Tax Bombshell Report

The best chance of shifting America’s popular mind might be to focus on these campaign promises, keeping the conversation on what Trump has done. Has he worked for the American people? Or is he working for Trump and lining his own pockets?

Healthcare Lies May Cost the GOP Their Most Reliable Voters

During this election cycle political commentators have spent much time analyzing different voting groups.

Will young voters and minorities turn out for Democrats? Will angry white male voters carry Trump’s GOP to victory? Will women voters be the force behind a dominant Blue Wave? read more

Mitch McConnell Tries To Guilt Democrats Into Cutting Social Security And Medicare After Tax Cuts Backfire

Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) tried to use the failed Republican tax cuts for the rich to guilt Democrats into cutting Social Security and Medicare to lower the deficit.

Paul Ryan Is Plotting An Evil $500 Billion Cut To Medicare, Medicaid, And Food Stamps

For their next act of malevolence after voting to take away health care from 24 million people, House Republicans are plotting to cut $500 billion from Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and unemployment benefits in 2018.

Opinion: Social Security Cuts Are On Trump’s Table Despite Campaign Pledge

"There are ways that we can not only allow the president to keep his promise, but to help him keep his promise by fixing (cutting) some of these programs."

Democratic Senators Bust GOP Scheme To Secretly Confirm Social Security Privatizer

Democratic Senators Charles E. Schumer, Sherrod Brown, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Elizabeth Warren busting Senate Republicans for trying to secretly jam through the confirmation of a person who is trying to privatize Social Security to serve on the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees.

Lewandowski’s Lie Is Probably Preparation For Trump’s Greatest Con on Americans

Lewandowski repeated a Trump campaign lie and said: “Donald Trump won the election campaign by the largest majority since Ronald Reagan in 1984.”

Stunning Hypocrisy – AARP Supports the Anti-Social Security Lobby ALEC

AARP should be more sensitive to its retired members who are vulnerable to ALEC-supported legislative efforts to eliminate Social Security.

Social Security Advocates Slam Donald Trump And The Republican Platform

Donald Trump social security

The GOP has been attempting to privatize or cut Social Security since the beginning of time, whether it's through the actions of Republican presidents or right-wing budgets proposed in Congress.

Social Security Advocacy Group Slams Mike Pence As He Prepares To Be Trump’s VP Pick

Mike Pence Social Security

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, just finished drafting a 2016 platform that vowed to expand Social Security.

President Obama Gives Relief To Social Security Recipients Drowning in Student Debt

"It is appalling that Social Security support is being skimmed to feed into an out-of-control student debt machine."

Mitch McConnell Demands A Ransom That Obama Will Never Agree To In Debt Ceiling Fight

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is demanding Social Security and Medicare cuts in exchange for his vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Callous Kasich Tells Retiree Worried He Intends To Slash Social Security To “Get Over It”

Kasich dismissed criticism of his attitude as "silly" and said "difficult" changes are necessary in order to stabilize Social Security

House Freedom Caucus Document Explains Why the House Is Ungovernable

The recent revelation of a House Freedom Caucus 'questionnaire for prospective candidates for the Speakers' position clears up why Republicans are terrified of being Speaker, and why there is no good outcome as long as Cruz's House Freedom Caucus is allowed to exist.

Mitch McConnell Wants To Rob Pensions To Fund Highway Repairs

As long as the Kochs own Congress, Republicans will propose robbing the elderly to pay for projects that benefit the rich and corporations

Jeb Bush’s Message To Working Americans Is Work Longer, Harder, and For Less

Jeb Bush wants to abolish the federal minimum wage, deny workers overtime pay, and raise the retirement age for social security.

Republican Nightmare Bernie Sanders Exposes GOP Social Security Killing Dreams on National TV

bernie sanders cnn wolf

Bernie Sanders is becoming a daily nightmare for Republicans. Sen. Sanders went on CNN today and cut through the Republican double talk by letting the entire country know the GOP plan for killing Social Security.

Bernie Sanders Beats Down Jeb Bush For Proposing Massive Cuts To Social Security

bernie sanders 2016 koch brothers

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) took down Jeb Bush for proposing massive cuts to Social Security.

Study: Thirty-five Years of Conservative Policies Contributed to Violence In Baltimore

The problem with the Republicans' argument and lies, and there are many, is that statistics continue to prove that conservative anti-government policies over the past thirty-five years have driven income inequality and degraded society and are every bit as responsible for the events in Baltimore as out-of-control police violence against African Americans.