Opinion: Joe Scarborough’s Ignorant Anti-Socialism Exposes Dangers of Conservative Ideology

Scarborough’s logic is exactly that which also enables the anti-vaccination movement and, frankly, movements to undermine democracy.

10 months ago

Opinion: Can Americans Survive Without “Radical Socialism”?

Again, we have to ask, where and in what shape would Americans and the U.S. economy be without the “radical…

11 months ago

WATCH: Dem. Strategist Angela Rye Takes Chris Christie Apart

For much of Donald Trump's presidency, Chris Christie was close by his side. For his efforts, the former governor of…

1 year ago

Would It be So Bad If Biden’s Focus on Americans’ Needs Makes Him a Little Bit Socialist?

We may be ready for this discussion as a nation, especially if Biden were to stop eschewing the socialist label…

1 year ago

Coronavirus Can Teach Us the Value of a Democratic Economy Heading into November

Wise people always remind us to never let a good crisis go to waste. Wise people with evil inclinations have,…

2 years ago

Opinion: Militant Moderates and Bernie’s Revolutionaries Are Donald Trump’s Best Friends

The only people who were more excited about Bernie Sanders’s win in Nevada than Sanders and his supporters were Donald…

2 years ago

Republicans Admit That They Have No Plan To Lower Healthcare Costs

Republicans admitted that they are running against socialism in 2020 because they have no plan to lower the cost of…

3 years ago

Green New Deal and Socialism aside, Ocasio-Cortez Makes Us Re-Think Democracy

For all the talk about socialism and the Green New Deal, though, what really drives Ocasio-Cortez, what is really at…

3 years ago

Chase CEO Dimon Illuminates Capitalism’s Sickness While Trying to Critique Socialism

To perhaps an unprecedented degree in the United States, we are witnessing an increasingly serious debate playing out about the…

3 years ago

Trump’s Rants Against GM Reveal His Scary Ignorance of how the Economy Really Works

Trump’s recent rants against General Motors and the United Auto Workers for the closing of the Lordstown, Ohio plant where…

3 years ago

Rand Paul Says You Don’t Have a Right to Pants

If that's true, what Paul is saying is that I DO have the right to pursue happiness without my pants.

7 years ago

Rand Paul Fears Sanders’ European-Style Socialism Leads to Genocide

Paul compared Sanders' European-style socialism to the communist regimes of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot as though they are identical

7 years ago

Republican Nightmares Realized As Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders Show Americans Love Socialism

During an interview on HBO's Real Time, Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders teamed up to show that the United States…

7 years ago

Bernie Sanders Outrages Evangelical Republicans With The Idea Of A Socialist Jesus

Evangelicals are incensed by ideas of a socialist Jesus, but facts are facts - Jesus, like Bernie Sanders, championed the…

7 years ago

Donald Trump Exposes Koch Republicans As Glaring Fascists

Republicans have tapped into the religious and conservative negative reaction to 21st Century modernity, or social progress as it is…

7 years ago

Desperate Conservatives Break Out The Nazi References In An Attempt To Stop Bernie Sanders

An article comparing Bernie Sanders to Nazis marked a new low for conservative media.

7 years ago

Bill Maher Drops A Reality Bomb On Republicans Who Pretend To Care About The Middle Class

Bill Maher called out the Republican frauds who are pretending to care about the middle-class by hitting them on the…

7 years ago

Kansas’ Kobach Warns Immigration Action Leads To Ethnic Cleansing and Socialism

According to one angry racist Republican, the start of ethnic cleansing is when an African American President takes executive action…

8 years ago

How Much Would You Pay for the Good Society? Where the Income Inequality Debate Can Take Us

If we were able to ask the average American if s/he would be willing to pay $12.50 annually so that…

8 years ago

Tissues for the Tea Party’s Issues

The tea party is the intersection of cognitive dissonance and reality. It's certain to become a reality show. Oh wait…

8 years ago