Societal attitudes toward homosexuality

Rick Perry Believes That Homosexuality Is Like Alcoholism And Can Be Treated

Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry addressed the Commonwealth Club of California Wednesday night. He shocked the crowd, and perhaps put…

8 years ago

Are We Losing Our Religion and Does it Matter?

Gallup reported recently that 77 percent of Americans believe "religion is losing its influence on American life."

9 years ago

A Desperate Religious Right Renews the War on Marriage Equality

With growing desperation, the Religious Right tries to stem the liberal tide of toleration, equality, and genuine religious liberty

10 years ago

The Religious Right Freaks Out Over West Point’s First Same-Sex Marriage

When West Point hosted its first gay marriage this past weekend, the Religious Right went bananas, talking about moral cliffs…

10 years ago

If a Straight Man Can Resist Polygamy a Gay Man Can Resist Other Men?

Fundamentalists are forever looking for a working equation to make same-sex attraction unnatural but the only thing unnatural is their…

10 years ago