Trump Calls Joe Biden Dumb Before He Makes Plea For National Unity

Hours before his expected call for 'unity' during his State of the Union address, Trump dismissed former Vice President Joe Biden as “dumb,” called Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer a “nasty son of a bitch” and mocked the disgraced Governor Ralph Northam for “choking like a dog,”

Van Jones Blasts Trump For Refusing To Admit That Russia Cyber Attack Was An Act Of War

Our country is under attack by the Russians and Donald Trump won’t even say it’s wrong.

CNN’s Van Jones blasted President-elect Donald Trump this morning on State of the Union, saying what everyone but Trump Republicans will admit, “Cyber war is real war! So you have an active attack on our country and you have the president-elect cannot find it in himself to say this is wrong.” read more

Nikki Haley Enrages Religious Right and GOP by Being ‘Soft’ on Gays and Muslims

By calling out Trump and calling for respect for differences in modern marriage, Haley has placed herself between a rock and a hard place

Republican Fail: Evangelical Bigots Did Not Counter President Obama’s SOTU

It is an abomination that an avowed religious bigot like Kim Davis was invited as a protest and counterweight to President Obama's message

Reality-Avoiding Paul Ryan Accuses Obama of Not Confronting Reality in SOTU

Basing his entire critique on an invented reality, Ryan speaks from the Fox News reality bubble when he accuses Obama of managing perceptions

Nikki Haley to Deliver GOP Response to Obama’s Last State of the Union

Paul Ryan is calling on the disreputable Nikki Haley as the voice of the Republican Party in response to Obama's last SOTU. Expect lies.

The GOP Wants to Turn America into the Ultimate No-Go Zone

Republicans want to replace the laws of physics and say, "This is how reality works now" but you can't legislate reality out of existence

Obama’s Brilliant State of the Union Wasted On Stupid Anti-Government Americans

For the past seven years President Barack Obama has delivered prescient State of the Union speeches that should appeal to the majority of Americans regardless of their party affiliation except for one small detail; he represents the federal government.

Boehner’s SOTU Fact-Checking Blames Obama for Income Inequality

The sad fact of Republican fact-checking is that their fact-checking needs to be fact-checked, and this was never more true last night.

Obama Reminds Republicans That Their Economic Predictions Were Wrong During SOTU

Obama right on the economy SOTU

President Obama made sure to tell the country that all of the Republican predictions of gloom and doom about his economic policies were wrong. Obama listed just a few of the ways that they were wrong during the State Of The Union.

Republicans Go Silent At SOTU As Obama Announces Plan To Beat Their Obstruction

There was loud applause on one side of the chamber as President Obama called out Republican obstruction, 'Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that's what I'm going to do.'

What Scares Republicans More Than Paying Workers a Living Wage? Voting Rights

There's one thing that scared Republicans more than the President's SOTU remarks on the economy - his comments on voting rights.

Rand Paul Shows Off His Tea Party Book Learnin’ and Still Comes Off Better than Rubio

As the Tea Party's 2nd choice, Rand Paul out performed Marco Rubio and his magic gulp.

Obama SOTU Message to Republicans, If They Want Cuts The Rich Have to Pay More

President Obama sent a clear message to Republicans in the SOTU. If they want any cuts at all, they have to raise more revenue.