Southern Baptist Convention

It Was Catholic Bishops Who Masterminded The Evangelical Hobby Lobby Crusade

A group of Catholic bishops in America found an easy means to exert control over Christian conservatives and manipulate them…

7 years ago

Right-Wing Christians Take It To a New Low By Handing Out Guns In Churches

The notion of so-called Christians exposing themselves as the anti-Christs they really are is being played out in the drive…

7 years ago

The Theocratic Agenda Behind the Anti-Marriage Equality Movement

The Religious Right says legalization of same-sex marriage is like banning interracial marriage but then they think tyranny is anyone…

8 years ago

Conservatives and Religious Fanatics Demand that Gay-Hate Remain a Part of Boy Scout Policy

The gay-hate being defended by the right is not part of the Boy Scout's motto or any of Christ's teachings,…

9 years ago

Billy Graham’s Debate Day Present to Romney – You’re not a Cultist

Billy Graham was clear about what constituted a cult. But for the sake of theocracy in 2012, Billy Graham sold…

9 years ago

Sleazy Southern Baptists Use Tragedy to Lure Vulnerable Sikhs into Bed

Rather than reaching out to the Sikhs with love for love's sake, the Southern Baptists have chosen to use love…

9 years ago

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