Matt Schlapp: There’s A Lot of Buzz About Trump Becoming House Speaker in 2022

When Joe Biden won the White House this November, Democrats thought they wouldn’t have to deal with Donald Trump for  number of years. That might not be true, though.

If Trump wanted to, he could easily win a Republican house seat in the state of Florida. And if Republicans won back the House at the same time, Trump could be elected into a leadership position, potentially even Speaker of the House. read more

Pelosi’s Popularity Is Surging and Tops Trump’s For the First Time

After two weeks of the federal government being shut down, President Donald Trump is now less popular than new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

The results came from a new Gallup poll which found that Pelosi has a favorable rating of 38% and an unfavorable rating of 48%, a gap of 10 points. However, Trump has a favorable rating is 40% compared to an unfavorable rating of 58%, a gap of 18 points. read more

60 GOP House Seats Are In Districts That Went for Clinton or Obama

Daily Kos Elections (DKE) has come out with some new statistics that should have Republicans shaking in their boots.  In fact, it is this kind of information that probably led Paul Ryan to announce his retirement from Congress and as Speaker of the House.  At the very least this will buoy Democratic Party optimism that they have a very good chance of retaking control of the House of Representatives this year. read more