Rand Paul Is Threatening To Block Hurricane Relief Unless Spending Cuts Are Attached

It may be smart politics for a Senator from Kentucky to drone on about spending cuts while thousands of Americans are counting on relief funding, but it's not what compassionate human beings do.

Republicans Celebrate as Americans Face Losing Their Jobs

Republicans will have plenty to celebrate as more Americans lose their jobs, people drop out of the workforce thanks to their sequester.

Democrats Must Call Out The Absurd Canard That Spending Cuts Make The Economy Grow

It is time for Democrats to call out the absurd canard that taking money out of the economy helps the economy grow. There is a time to address debt, but it is not during an economic downturn.

Unhinged Republicans Completely Abandon Reality With Latest Sequester Lies

Republicans and their punditry have finally gone so far off the rails to avoid any responsibility for the sequester that they are blatantly lying and revising the historical record of the past four years.

Republican Austerity Cultists Chant Their Spending Cuts Mantra As They Sink the Economy

One can say with confidence that when Republicans find an economic policy that fails, they are duty-bound to repeat it regardless the consequences.

Mitch McConnell Threatens to Kill Unemployment Benefits for 2 Million Unless He Gets Spending Cuts

Sen. Mitch McConnell has returned from Christmas, and is threatening to kill unemployment insurance for 2 million Americans unless he gets spending cuts.