Ferguson Decision Is Another Sign Of American Apartheid

America is not a civilized society and the concept of equality for all its citizens is exactly that; a concept. In fact, what America really has always been is a nation founded on the principles of apartheid, or the policy of racial segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-whites.

St. Louis Woman Accidentally Kills Herself With Gun She Bought For Possible Ferguson Unrest

A 26-year-old woman accidentally shot and killed herself late Friday evening with a gun she purchased in preparation for large-scale protests in the aftermath of the impending grand jury decision in the death of Michael Brown.

Ferguson October: Young Protesters Reject Message Delivered By Older Religious Leaders

As the gathering wore on, younger activists, who have been on the ground in Ferguson since an unarmed Michael Brown was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson over two months ago, started growing restless.

St. Louis Police Hit Protesters With Pepper Spray And Batons During Shaw Shooting Protest

A day of peace, love and solidarity ended violently when St. Louis police dispersed a crowd of protesters gathered at a local gas station by using pepper spray and batons.

People From Around The World Gather In St. Louis For March Against Police Brutality

Activists and protesters from all over the world gathered Saturday morning in downtown St. Louis to participate in a march, part of Ferguson October, and show that they stand united against police brutality and racial disparity.

Shaw Shooting: St. Louis Police Use Pepper Spray And Billy Clubs On Protesters And Media

Protesters and members of the media were hit with pepper spray and rushed by police officers armed with batons and riot shields Thursday night in south St. Louis.

Ferguson Cop Who Arrested Two Reporters During Protests Also Hog-Tied A 12-Year-Old Boy

An article posted by the Huffington Post on Sunday evening reveals that Justin Cosma, a Ferguson police officer who arrested two reporters for sitting at a McDonald's in Ferguson, is currently dealing with a civil rights lawsuit due to an incident where he hog-tied a 12-year-old boy.