Let’s Wink to the War on Christmas

"Unless a Starbucks cup is A) Threatening to murder you & B) Somehow seems to have the ability to do so Then some of you are overreacting

Former Southern Baptist Leader Wants to Boycott Starbucks’ Red “Satan Sippers”

Richard Land doesn't like plain red cups. He wants snowflakes because snowflakes are apparently Jesus-friendly and festive red is not

Trump Latches Onto The War On Christmas In Starbuck’s Coffee Cup Kerfuffle

Donald Trump hints at boycotting Starbucks and he asserts that he will be having Americans saying "Merry Christmas" again.

The World Wakes Haggis-Free, But Gay People Walk Among Us

The threat of oil-engorged Scottish armies marching roughshod over Europe and from there across the Atlantic to force a steady diet of haggis on us has abated

Gun Advocates Are Suing a Texas City For The Right to Terrify Motorists

A Texas city is being sued in federal court for violating the heavily-armed men's 1st Amendment rights to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to terrify motorists stuck in traffic.

God Does Not Want you to Drink Starbucks, Says David Barton

God really does NOT want you drinking Starbucks! It's that "holiness" or "sanctification" thingie. Just don't ask Barton which verse it is

Republican Hunger Mongers Are Starving People To Give Corporations Welfare

Republicans certainly find revenue to fund billions of dollars for oil subsidies and agricultural corporations but they claim they do not have the money to stop cuts to Meals on Wheels

House Republicans Vote to Keep Millions in Poverty by Refusing to Raise the Minimum Wage

House Republicans effectively guaranteed that the working poor will continue falling deeper into poverty, and giant retailers will continue posting record profits.

Starbucks Shows that Healthcare isn’t a Job Killer by Adding 1,500 Cafes

Starbucks, which offers healthcare benefits to its eligible part time employees, is expanding with 1500 more cafes in America in the middle of ObamaCare.