Trump Goes Bonkers on Twitter, Says Sessions is ‘Scared Stiff’

Donald Trump went bonkers on Twitter on Saturday, accusing Attorney General Jeff Sessions of being “scared stiff and missing in action.” It was the latest episode in his ongoing attacks against his own Justice Department. The president continues to say that people in his administration acted inappropriately in their investigation of his presidential campaign’s connections with Russia. read more

Trump’s Bender of Lies Is A Telling Reveal About The Steele Dossier

Trump claimed that Russia, the FBI, or the Democrats paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS for the damning Steele Dossier, but in fact anti-Trump Republicans actually funded the Steele Dossier originally.

As more and more of the Steele Dossier's unverified in parts charges prove to be uncomfortably accurate, conservatives circled the wagons to sell Trump's lies.