Report: Trump’s Kids May Already Have Been Indicted

Donald Trump, his children, and his inner circle appear to be very confident that they will not be implicated in the report which may soon be issued by special counsel Robert Mueller. 

However, according to a report published this morning by POLITICO, some of them might already have been indicted and don’t even know about it yet. And these indictments might include Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon and Hope Hicks as well as members of Trump’s immediate family. read more

Bannon: Trump Will Run Again in 2020 and ‘Win Bigger’ Than 2016

Steve Bannon on Face the Nation

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he has “zero” doubt that President Trump will run for reelection in 2020. He also said that he thinks Trump will win. read more

In Crazy Rant Roger Stone Says Mueller Probe Is ‘A Pretext to Remove Trump’

Donald Trump’s longtime friend Roger Stone knows how to get publicity, and in his latest interview he went off the deep end by making crazy claims that the purpose of Bob Mueller’s special counsel probe is to remove both Donald Trump and Mike Pence from office. read more

Panic Hits the White House As Bannon Is Implicated in Stone Arrest

Panic and chaos are hitting the Trump administration this morning, after longtime Trump friend and campaign aide Roger Stone was arrested during an early-morning FBI raid on his home. New reporting shows that former Trump adviser Steve Bannon may also be implicated in the charges against Stone. read more

Bannon and Maher Say Avenatti Could Be “The Trump of 2020”

Michael Avenatti was in New Hampshire yesterday, raising money for Democrats while he explores a presidential run.

Avenatti is emphatic about one thing. He is not on “a listening tour,” he told The Washington Post by phone, because that’s something politicians say. He is definitely not a politician. read more

Bannon Says GOP On Track to Lose 35 to 40 Seats in Midterms

Steve Bannon has issued a warning for Republicans, and he hopes they will listen to him. In an interview with the Associated Press (AP) Bannon said he believes the GOP would lose 35 to 40 seats in the House if the election were held today. read more

Bannon Creates Chaos: Says Koch Brothers are ‘Con Artists’

In a new interview with The Hill, Steve Bannon has inserted himself into some of the biggest controversies and conflicts facing the Republican Party as it heads into the midterm elections. And with his track record of stirring up the pot, it is certain that Bannon will continue to disrupt the status quo while also seeking to increase his own political influence. read more

Bannon Says Trump Will Shut Down Government Before Midterms

According to former presidential adviser Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump really wants his border wall with Mexico, and he will do anything to get it, including shutting down the U.S. government. Bannon’s remarks were made during a lengthy interview on CNN. read more

David Frum Sardonically Tells Trump To Take Bannon’s ‘Legal’ Advice

Last night, Robert Costa, from the Washington Post reports that Steve Bannon is “pitching a plan to West Wing aides and congressional allies” in an apparent attempt to “cripple the federal investigation, into the matter of  Russian interference.” read more

How Steve Bannon Used Facebook Profile Data to Help Trump Win the Presidency

Everybody knows that Steve Bannon helped Donald Trump win the presidency, but very few people know how he did it.  But now thanks to whistleblower Christopher Wylie, information has come out that shows how Bannon and others supporting the Trump campaign obtained data from over 50 million Facebook users without their express permission.   read more

Trump White House Secretly Working To Derail Russia Investigation By Gagging Key Witnesses

This despite the fact that the president, his lawyers, and White House officials have bragged about their transparency and cooperation when it comes to the Russia probe.

Steve Bannon Screws Up And Admits The White House Discussed Trump Jr.’s Meeting With Russians

During his testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee, Steve Bannon made a giant mistake by admitting that White House senior officials discussed Donald Trump Jr's meeting with Russians in Trump Tower.

Keep An Eye On This: Rachel Maddow Locks In On The Bizarre Steve Bannon Subpoena

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow pointed out that the reasons being given for an FBI subpoena for Steve Bannon are bizarre.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Explains Why Steve Bannon Is Screwed And Will Have To Testify About Russia

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) explained on CNN that Steve Bannon is not a member of the cabinet and is no longer in the White House so his claims of executive privilege on questions about Russia are worthless.

Steve Bannon Got Subpoenaed By House Republicans After He Refused To Answer White House Questions

Steve Bannon got subpoenaed by House Republicans after he refused to answer questions about the Trump transition and White House in front of the Intelligence Committee.

Fox News reported:
In the now hours-long, ongoing interview conducted by investigators for the House Intelligence Committee, Bannon’s attorney told lawmakers that the White House directed his client not to answer questions about his time in the White House or during the transition. read more

Ted Lieu Warns Trump That He’s In Deep Legal Trouble As Steve Bannon Could Be The Next To Flip

"I believe high-level Trump associates, including potentially the president himself, are in increasing legal jeopardy. That's because insiders have turned on them."

Coward Steve Bannon Apologizes To Trump For Telling The Truth About The Russia Scandal

Proof that zero truth is allowed in Trump's Republican Party came when Steve Bannon apologized to Trump for telling the truth about the Russia scandal.