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Iowa’s Largest Newspaper Endorses Only Democrats

Yesterday The Des Moines Register, Iowa’s largest newspaper, announced that it was endorsing only Democrats in this year’s congressional races. The respected newspaper’s editorial board said that this year the stakes are too high to do anything else. The Register has won 16 Pulitzer Prizes and its readership covers the entire state of Iowa, the…


Trump On Illegal Immigrants: “These aren’t people. These are animals”

In California on Wednesday President Donald Trump said some immigrants in the country illegally were “animals” and vowed to toughen the country’s immigration laws and their enforcement. NPR tweeted: “During Roundtable, Trump Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants ‘Animals’ During Roundtable, Trump Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants 'Animals' https://t.co/RJnay6R6Ir — NPR Politics (@nprpolitics) May 17, 2018 During a meeting with…

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