Steve Schmidt

Steve Schmidt’s ‘Warning’ Is A Kill Shot To The McCain Mythology

The Big Secret revealed in Schmidt's "The Warning" newsletter is that John McCain was a hero, but also a coward.…

1 week ago

Steve Schmidt Speaks Out And Shatters The Myth Of John McCain

Steve Schmidt has spoken out and told the truth about John McCain and shattered the mythology around the late senator.…

1 week ago

Steve Schmidt Drops A 2008 McCain Campaign Russia Bombshell

According to Steve Schmidt, the Russians had infiltrated John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign.

2 weeks ago

Steve Schmidt Goes Off And Obliterates Meghan McCain

In a series of Twitter threads, Steve Schmidt started telling some of the secrets of the 2008 McCain presidential campaign,…

2 weeks ago

Steve Schmidt Explains Trump’s Contribution Ukraine Invasion

Steve Schmidt explains that Trump laid the groundwork for Putin's invasion by obliterating the truth.

3 months ago

Opinion: As Impeachment Trial Begins, Let’s Remember The Republican History Of Big Lies

The “big lie” is not unique to Trump but rather constitutes a long-standing Republican tradition and political practice that, far…

1 year ago

WATCH: Steve Schmidt Thinks Tucker Carlson Will be 2024 Republican Nominee

In late 2015, early 2016, nearly 20 contenders fought it out for the Republican nomination. Many of them had significant…

2 years ago

Steve Schmidt Takes Down Trump And His Birther Wife For Defiling The White House

Steve Schmidt said that Donald Trump is defiling the White House, as he called out both the president and his…

2 years ago

Conservative Steve Schmidt Claims Marco Rubio Would Have Supported Fidel Castro to Get Ahead

Conservative Steve Schmidt offered stinging criticism of Marco Rubio on Tuesday after the Republican senator mocked actor Eva Longoria for…

2 years ago

Trump And Jared Kushner Are Trying To Smear Steve Schmidt

Trump and Jared Kushner are running a smear campaign against Steve Schmidt due to the effectiveness of the Project Lincoln…

2 years ago

Former McCain Adviser Compares Acting Homeland Security Secretary to Infamous Nazi And Warns of Potential Coup

Steve Schmidt has called for an urgent investigation of federal agents in cities like Portland and suggested some of them…

2 years ago

Opinion: Let Republicans Help Defeat Trump, but Don’t Be Fooled

The Lincoln Project republicans came out in full force last December, declaring in a New York Times op-ed their mission…

2 years ago

Steve Schmidt Hammers Trump As A Delusional Cult Leader Who’s Falling Apart

Steve Schmidt called Trump an enfeebled delusional cult leader who is falling apart and seeing more people unwilling to go…

2 years ago

Steve Schmidt Bluntly Calls Donald Trump A Junkie

Strategist Steve Schmidt laid out the cold hard truth that Trump is essentially a junkie who needs acclaim that Americans…

2 years ago

Former McCain Advisor Steve Schmidt: Republicans’ Senate Majority Is “Going Down with the SS Trump”

Steve Schmidt believes Republicans will lose control of the Senate if they continue to be Donald Trump's "foot soldiers." The…

2 years ago

Former Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt: “This Would Not Have Happened” If Obama Were President

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt criticized President Donald Trump's coronavirus response, saying that the United States would not have the…

2 years ago

Former McCain Advisor: Trump Is “The Worst President in American History”

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt pulled no punches in a grim assessment of the President's Coronavirus response on Thursday. Steve…

2 years ago

Steve Schmidt Predicts Trump Is Going To Go Down As The Worst President In History

Steve Schmidt predicted that by the time Trump is out of office, he will be regarded by historians as the…

2 years ago

Steve Schmidt Destroys Laura Ingraham And Labels Her A Lethal Fraud

Strategist Steve Schmidt obliterated Fox News's Laura Ingraham after she claimed that he was hoping for a coronavirus calamity to…

2 years ago

Steve Schmidt Warns The Sociopath (Trump) Will Beat The Socialist (Sanders)

Steve Schmidt said that Democrats have a responsibility to nominate a candidate who can repudiate Trumpism and he warned the…

2 years ago