On Trump’s Last Day, Richard Burr Announces That He’s No Longer Under Investigation by the DOJ

Senators and congresspeople have access to information that the American public doesn’t. It is expected that they don’t use these inside information to make money in the stock market.

But a number of Republicans made questionable stock trades during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Richard Burr was among them. As a result, the North Carolina Republican stepped down as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in May of 2020. read more

Stocks Plunge Again, Dow Loses All Gains Since Trump Took Office

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost all gains it amassed since President Donald Trump took office, a further indication of the turbulent effect of the coronavirus pandemic on global markets. The Dow plunged 1,428.48 points, or 6.7 percent, an intraday low of 19,808.90. That’s below its close of 19,827.25 on Jan. 20, 2017, the day of the president’s inauguration. read more

Trading On Wall Street Halted As Markets Drop Thousands Of Points Over Coronavirus, Oil Concerns

Wall Street stock markets dropped so precipitously on Monday’s opening bell that a 15-minute delay in all trading conducted was triggered.

Such a trigger happens on trading when the S&P 500 dips below 7 percent from its previous close, Bloomberg reported. If the rate drops down to 20 percent below its previous close, Wall Street itself will close for the day. read more

Trump Tries to Tank Stock Market With $100 Billion of New China Tariffs

For some unknown reason Donald Trump is trying to simultaneously undermine stock markets while at the same time eliminating millions of jobs in the red states that were his biggest supporters in 2016.

On Thursday Trump said he’s planning another $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese imported goods which increases the prospects of an ongoing and increasingly serious trade war with the largest country in the world. read more